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Rigidity spectrum of Forbush decrease calculated by neutron monitors data corrected and uncorrected for geomagnetic disturbances. Forbush decreases Fd of the galactic cosmic ray GCR intensity and geomagnetic storms are observed almost at the same time. Geomagnetic storm is a reason of significant disturbances of the magnetic cut off rigidity causing the distortion of the time profile of the Fd of the GCR intensity.

We show some differences in the temporal changes of the rigidity spectra of Fd calculated by neutron monitors experimental data corrected and uncorrected for the changes of the geomagnetic cut off rigidity. Nevertheless, the general features of the temporal changes of the rigidity spectrum of Fd maintain as it was found in our previous investigations.

Namely, at the beginning phase of Fd rigidity spectrum is relatively soft and gradually becomes hard up to reaching the minimum level of the GCR Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating then the rigidity spectrum gradually Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating soft during the recovery phase of Fd. Compact neutron flux monitor. A compact size neutron flux monitor has "Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating" developed incorporating standard boards developed for smart radiation monitors.

The sensitivity of the monitors is 0. It has been tested up to nV flux with standard neutron sources. This paper describes the construction, working and results of the above flux monitor. Neutron flux monitoring device. The present invention provides a neutron flux monitoring device for preventing occurrence of erroneous reactor scram caused by the elevation of the indication of a start region monitor SRM due to a factor different from actual increase of neutron fluxes.

Namely, judgement based on measured values obtained by a pulse counting method and a judgment based on measured values obtained by a Cambel method are combined. A logic of switching neutron flux measuring method to be used for monitoringnamely, switching to an intermediate region when both of the judgements are valid is adopted.

Then, even if the indication value is elevated based on the Cambel method with no increase of the counter rate in a neutron source region, the switching to the intermediate region is not conducted. As a result, erroneous reactor scram such as 'shorter reactor period' can be avoided. Neutron monitoring for radiological protection. Neutron monitoring is a subject of increasing general interest and considerable attention is being paid to the development of improved techniques and methods for neutron monitoring.

The Agency, therefore, considered it important to prepare a guide on the subject of neutron monitoring for radiation protection purposes. The present Manual is intended for those persons or authorities in Member States, particularly developing countries, who are responsible for the organization of neutron monitoring programmes and practical neutron monitoring. This Manual consequently, deals with topics such as neutron dosimetry, sources of neutrons and neutron detection as well as field instruments and operational systems used in this context.

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The device of the present invention greatly saves an analog processing section such as an analog filter and an analog processing circuit. That is, the device of the present invention comprises 1 a neutron flux detection means for detecting neutron fluxed in the reactor, 2 a digital filter means for dividing signals corresponding to the detected neutron fluxes into predetermined frequency band regions, 3 a calculation processing means for applying a calculation processing corresponding to the frequency band regions to the neutron flux detection signals divided by the digital filter means.

With such a constitution, since the neutron detection signals are processed by the digital filter means, the accuracy is improved and the change for the property of the filter is facilitated. Further, when a neutron flux level is obtained, a calculation processing corresponding to the frequency band region can be conducted without the analog processing circuit.

Accordingly, maintenance and accuracy are improved by greatly decreasing the number of parts. Further, since problems inherent to the analog circuit are solved, neutron fluxes are monitored at high reliability. The International Space Station ISS space environments community utilizes near real time space weather data to support a variety of ISS engineering Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating science activities. The team has operated the Floating Potential Measurement Unit FPMU suite of plasma instruments two Langmuir probes, a floating potential probe, and a plasma impedance probe on ISS since to obtain in-situ measurements of plasma density and temperature along the ISS orbit and variations in ISS frame potential due to electrostatic current collection from the plasma environment spacecraft charging and inductive vxB effects from the vehicle motion across the Earth s magnetic field.

An ongoing effort is to use FPMU for measuring the ionospheric response to geomagnetic storms at ISS altitudes and investigate auroral charging of the vehicle as it passes through regions of precipitating auroral electrons.

This work is challenged by restrictions on FPMU operations that limit observation time to less than about a third of a year.

As a result, FPMU campaigns ranging in length from a few days to a few weeks are "Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating" scheduled weeks in advance for ISS engineering and payload science activities.

In order to capture geomagnetic storm data under these terms, we monitor near real time space weather data from NASA, NOAA, and ESA sources to determine solar wind disturbance arrival times at Earth likely to be geoeffective including coronal mass ejections and high speed streams associated with coronal holes and activate the FPMU ahead of the storm onset. Using this technique we have successfully captured FPMU data during a number of geomagnetic storm periods including periods with ISS auroral charging.

This presentation will describe the strategies and challenges in capturing FPMU data during geomagnetic storms, the near real time space weather resources utilized for monitoring the space weather environment, and provide examples of auroral charging data obtained during storm operations.

In a neutron flux monitoring device, there are disposed a neutron flux measuring means for outputting signals in accordance with the intensity of neutron fluxes, a calculation Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating for calculating a self power density spectrum at a frequency band suitable to an object to be measured based on the output of the neutron flux measuring means, an alarm set value generation means for outputting an alarm set value as a comparative reference, and an alarm judging means for comparing the alarm set value with the outputted value of the calculation means to judge requirement of generating an alarm and generate an alarm in accordance with the result of Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating judgement.

Namely, the time-series of neutron flux signals is put to Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating transformation for a predetermined period of time by the calculation means, and from each of square sums for real number component and imaginary number component for each of the frequencies, a self power density spectrum in the frequency band suitable to the object to be measured is calculated. Then, when the set reference value is exceeded, an alarm is generated. This can reliably prevent generation of erroneous alarm due to neutron flux noises and can accurately generate an alarm at an appropriate time.

Using a stochastic simulation of a one-dimensional heliosphere we calculate galactic cosmic ray spectra at the Earth's orbit for different values of the heliospheric mod- ulation strength.

Convoluting these spectra with the specific yield function of a neu- tron monitorwe obtain the expected neutron monitor count rates for different values of the modulation strength. Finally, inverting this relation, we calculate the modula- tion strength using the actually recorded neutron monitor count rates.

The estimated modulation strengths are shown to be in good agreement with the corresponding esti- mates reported earlier for some years. The present invention concerns neutron monitoring for monitoring reactor power, and presents a generation state of abnormal signals by monitoring output signals from neutron sensors, judges abnormal signals at an excessively high level outputted from the sensors to a measuring operator or a reactor operator.

That is, a threshold value judging means judges whether a sensor signal exceeds a predetermined threshold value or not. When it exceeds the value, recognition signals are outputted to a memory means. The memory means memorizes the times of input of the recognition signals on every period of interval signals outputted from a reference signal generation means.

The memory content of the memory means and the previously inputted hysteresis of the sensor are compared and judged, to determine the extent of the degradation of the sensors and output the result of the judgement and hysteresis information to the display means.

The input means accesses to the judging means and the memory means to retrieve and correct the content of the memory means and the hysteresis information inputted to the judging means. Wide range neutron flux monitor. To provide a wide range neutron -flux monitor adapted such that the flux monitoring function and alarming function can automatically by shifted from pulse counting system to cambel method system.

A wide range neutron -flux monitor comprises la pulse counting system and lb cambel-method system for inputting detection signals from neutron detectors and separating them into signals for the pulse measuring system and the cambel measuring system, Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating overlap detection and calculation circuit for detecting the existence of the overlap of two output signals from the la and lb systems, and 3 trip circuit for judging the abnormal state of neutron detectors upon input of the detection signals.

To maintain the measuring accuracy and the reponse time within an allowable range in accordance with the change of neutron fluxes in a nuclear reactor pressure vessel. Neutron fluxes within a nuclear reactor pressure vessel are detected by detectors, converted into pulse signals and amplified in a range switching amplifier.

Then, the addition is carried out to calculate the integrated value and the addition number is changed by the chane in the number n to vary the integrating time. The integrated value is inputted into a control circuit to control the value of n so that the fluctuation and the calculation time for the integrated value are within a predetermined range and, at the same time, the gain of the range switching amplifier is controlled.

Real-time geomagnetic monitoring for space weather-related applications: An examination is made of opportunities and challenges for enhancing global, real-time geomagnetic monitoring that would be beneficial for a variety of operational projects. Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating enhancement in geomagnetic monitoring can be attained by expanding the geographic distribution of magnetometer stations, improving the quality of Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating data, increasing acquisition sampling rates, increasing the promptness of data transmission, and facilitating access to and use of the data.

Progress will benefit from new partnerships to leverage existing capacities and harness multisector, cross-disciplinary, and international interests. Space weather Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating with neutron monitor measurements. Space Weather affects many areas of the modern society, advance knowledge about space weather events is important to protect personnel and infrastructure. During a GLE the high-energy particles from the Sun can be detected before the more abundant lower energy particles arrive at Earth, thus allowing to take protective measures.

Since the beginning of the Neutron Monitor Database NMDB project, which has been started in with funding from the European Commission, real-time data from Neutron Monitors around the world has been made available through one web-portal. We have more than doubled the number of stations providing data since the start of the project to now over 30 stations. We present different applications through "Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating" the measurements and different data products are accessible.

Wide range neutron monitoring device. The present invention has a function of reliably switching measuring values between a pulse method and a Cambel method even if noise level and saturated level are fluctuated. That is, a proportional range judging means always monitors neutron flux measuring values in a start-up region and neutron flux measuring values in an intermediate power region, so that the proportional range is detected depending on whether the difference or a variation coefficient of both of the measured values is constant or not.

A switching value determining means determines a switching value by the result of judgement of the Presidencia de rivadavia yahoo dating range judging means. With such procedures, since the measuring value is switched after confirming that arrival at the proportional range where the difference or a variation coefficient of the measured value between the pulse processing method and the measured value by the Cambel method is constant, an accurate neutron flux level containing neither noise level nor saturated level can be outputted.

Neutronic analysis of JET external neutron monitor response. The power output of fusion devices is measured in terms of the neutron yield which relates directly to the fusion yield. Neutronic calculations were required in order to understand the neutron transport from the source in the vacuum vessel to the fission chamber detectors mounted outside the vessel on the transformer limbs of the tokamak.

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