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Professionals dating clients


Many people search for love on online dating sites, and why should psychologists be any different? We also want to meet people for activities, dating, and romance. Sometimes, looking for love online is good way to get outside of our usual social circles without going to bars or singles events. But having an online dating profile can also pose challenges to clinicians who worry how it may affect clients, students, or Professionals dating clients to see them putting their hopes and hearts into prose while searching for intimacy on the Internet.

There is literature focusing upon the challenges of running into clients or trainees in the offline world but online personal ads can reveal a lot more intimate information to those who stumble onto your profile than would be typically revealed by "Professionals dating clients" up at the same event.

If your clients, students, or supervisors are in a similar age group as your dating pool, it may only be a matter of time before these online encounters occur. Seeking and Finding Our Clients on the Internet: Boundary Considerations in Cyberspace. If a therapist uses their counseling skills on a potential date is there anything that can be done?

If the Professionals dating clients date talks online about a previous relationship and the therapist "Professionals dating clients" the potential date to leave their current partner for them? I feel that this is highly unethical. If by counseling skills, you mean empathy, active listening, compassion, etc.

When we are out in the world, going on dates or hanging out at parties, even though we are therapists, we are engaging in having a personal life. Psychotherapy happens in the privacy of an office, it involves and Informed Consent process, and it is confidential.

It usually entails payment for the time spent, and a clear frame of how much time the session will last.

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Obviously, going to bars or restaurants with people and listening to their problems in those places should not be part of psychotherapy, and this would be considered by most to be a social relationship. Some therapists do give their friends or their romantic partners advice. One challenge psychotherapists do have when meeting new people is making it clear that it is a social connection and Professionals dating clients a psychotherapy relationship. dating» join one of...

Some people do assign mystical, magical powers to people who provide therapy, thinking we are mind readers or we know all the answers. But generally speaking, good psychotherapy is largely about slowly getting to know people and their goals and dreams. So the question for me would be: Did you believe you were going to Professionals dating clients therapist for professional counseling?

Was the location of your interactions private? Was a fee exchanged? Did the person call it psychotherapy? Or was it just a date? I have never had any issues that crossed boundaries. However, recently, a younger man 16 yrs.

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As a savvy clinician and human being, I was aware of his attempt and let Professionals dating clients know that I knew. Yes, it may be a problematic or inconvenient situation for the clinicians to put their ad in the dating sites. But we must believe that they have their own personal life apart from their profession. Finding love and listing out things that is true is not anything bad. And that should be in a simple and balanced way.

Set everything in your profile in the right way and do the perfect categorization, so that there will be less chance that your clients will find you.

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Apart from that, you should ensure safety while dating online and do the background check on your interested dating partner to better know the truth.

Also in this way, you can stay away from your clients or students.

If a psychologist is lacking the awareness to create a profile within healthy and responsible boundaries… how are they even operating as an effective psychologist? Click here to cancel reply. PSY drkkolmes hushmail. Get my top five tips on how to stay ethical on social media! Reply drkkolmes January 27, If by counseling skills, you mean empathy, active listening, compassion, etc.

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