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Gender and sexual orientation articles


Verifiable Roots of Psychopathology. Numerous controversies and debates have entranced place throughout the history of psychopathology and its primary classification systems with regards to progenitive orientation and gender identity. These are still reflected on present reformulations of gender dysphoria in both the Diagnostic and Statistical Vade-mecum and the Universal Classification of Diseases, and in more or less jesuitical micro-aggressions experienced next to lesbian, gay, facetious ambisextrous and trans patients in mental constitution care.

The contribution paper critically reviews this history and current controversies. It reveals that that deeply complex fanatic contributes i to the reflection on the very concept of mental illness; ii to the focus on biased distress and person-centered experience of psychopathology; and iii to the recognition of stigma and taste as significant intervening variables.

Finally, it argues that bodily orientation and gender identity have obsolescent viewed, in the history of the field of psychopathology, between two poles: Numerous controversies and debates have infatuated place throughout the history of psychopathology and mental energy care with regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT people.

The present paper aims to review proper concepts in that literature, its real and current controversies, and their respecting to the most important psychopathology classification systems.

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This article reviews research on psychosocial and health outcomes associated with peer victimization related to adolescent sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Using four electronic databases and supplementary methods , we identified 39 relevant studies.

These studies were published between and and conducted in 12 different countries. Despite the methodological diversity across studies, there is fairly strong evidence that peer victimization related to sexual orientation and gender identity or expression is associated with a diminished sense of school belonging and higher levels of depressive symptoms; findings regarding the relationship between peer victimization and suicidality have been more mixed.

Peer victimization related to sexual orientation and gender identity or expression is also associated with disruptions in educational trajectories, traumatic stress, and alcohol and substance use. Recommendations for future research and interventions are discussed. As bullying has been implicated in several reports about adolescent suicides in the U.

It thus seems an appropriate moment to review and integrate the accumulated research literature on peer victimization affecting sexual and gender minority youth.

Peer victimization in general encompasses a variety of negative, aggressive behaviors among children and adolescents; it can take both direct e. Bullying is a specific form of peer victimization, occurring repeatedly over time and involving an imbalance of power between bully and victim Olweus, Peer victimization affecting sexual and gender minority youth more specifically has received a good deal of research attention; as noted in a recent report by the U.

Institute of Medicine, it is the most common topic in the literature on these populations IOM, We aim to answer the following question:

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  • Review Article Multiple layers of evidence confirm that sexual orientation and gender identity are as biological, innate and immutable as the other traits.
  • Toddler play may give clues to sexual orientation | Science | AAAS
  • Toddler play may give clues to sexual orientation He was influential in the development of the term “gender identity disorder” to describe.
  • This journal explores sexual orientation and gender diversity. Articles aim to advance the psychological knowledge of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender .
  • Toddler play may give clues to sexual orientation | Science | AAAS

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Discrimination and mental health among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults in the United States. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. The moderating effects of homophobic bullying and school climate on negative outcomes. School environment and the mental health of sexual minority youths: Although the changes were welcomed e.

Why do break-ups happen? The Effect of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on Relationships in Later Life This article includes: 1) a summary of the support and advocacy issues from. This special Section of 3 research articles and an introductory commentary by Professor Dorothy Espelage, takes a closer look at sexual orientation and gender ..

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LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities

A controversial study finds children who engage in more gender-stereotypical play are more likely to self-identify as heterosexual later in spring. The objects and inhabitants children play with as early as toddlerhood may provide clues to their eventual sexual orientation, reveals the largest study of its kind.

The quest, which tracked more than kids over the maiden 15 years of their lives, seeks to replication one of the ultimate controversial questions in the social sciences, but experts are mixed on the findings. Seeking to emend on this earlier experimentation, Melissa Hines, a psychologist at the University of Cambridge in the Partnership Kingdom, turned to observations from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.

Female-typical play, on the other hand, would include dolls, playing enterprise, and playing with other girls. Beginning with the 3. Teens who described themselves as lesbian scored on average about 10 points higher on the gender-play scale at lifetime 4.

Questions of transgender identity were not addressed in the study. But more worrisome to him are the cultural assumptions underlying the study itself. Grzanka is also dismayed that the paper fails to critique the representation of similar research that investigated whether childhood behaviors lined up with ineluctable sexual orientation.

An earlier version of this incorrectly asserted that Richard Raw and Melissa Hines are life partners.

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Journal of School Psychology

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