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Magaluf sluts

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A young girl filmed on holiday in Magaluf has been called a slut all over the internet. Just a cocktail called a Holiday! Look at the pictures of her.

What a dirty girl! Carnage Magaluf, the company which operated the pub crawl the girl was on, said: Definitely not forced in any way. Magaluf sluts


And they all share the video, which was recorded by the people earning money from the pub crawl, and sent Magaluf sluts to their contacts via WhatsApp and Facebook before going viral.

Their daughter is plainly a victim of not just unbearable peer pressure and I believe industrial quantities of alcohol but also a complete failure Magaluf sluts her parents to have taught her the perils of either. Any son of mine who came home laughing about it would be marched to a Rape Crisis Centre for some education.

As recent revelations have shown, we have a huge blind spot about sexual assault in this country. It is for that reason rape victims tell themselves it was their fault for being drunk, and rapists think they were merely being a bit forceful.

I have no wish to compare the actions of career paedophiles with what happened to this girl in "Magaluf sluts," on a pub crawl she bought a ticket for and which was promoted Magaluf sluts the basis of its debauchery.