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Tips for a good hook up


As you mature and continue to hook up with people, you start to learn some lessons. The key to a good hookup is feeling safe and comfortable with your partner while feeling sexy and confident in yourself. Here are 10 hookup tips everyone should know before heading off to college! Every kiss is ten times better with minty fresh breath.

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Hookups can be spontaneous and who knows, you may have even just had dinner. For example, no one is going to want to be making out with you if your breath smells of onion rings.

If you "Tips for a good hook up" ever heard that only a guy can make the first move, it was a lie. Anyone can make the first move. Some girls are more dominant, which a lot of guys find really hot. Eye contact is a simple way to show interest.

Holding eye contact with your potential hookup across the room is a great way to be subtle yet flirty. When you are hooking up with someone and need a breath, instead of just pulling away, give them a little glance as you catch your breath.

With this, comes the ability to hookup anywhere and with anyone around. For some people this works and will never be an issue; but for many, you have learned the importance of privacy. "Tips for a good hook up" stupid as this sounds, many immature friends will at some time video you hooking up with someone and you will be livid with them. To avoid this whole mess, go hookup somewhere private.

Privacy also allows more intimacy for each partner. One of the most important hookup tips! Safe sex is so important and the only way to ensure it is always safe, is through condoms. Even as a female you should always carry condoms just in case your partner forgets. Carrying condoms in your purse will always guarantee a fun, seamless, and safe hookup. Drunk hookups can definitely be fun but as you get older you start to feel icky from them. Everyone is going to have a drunk hookup, or two, or ten but remember that a sober hookup is generally more meaningful and memorable.

Flirting comes naturally with practice. The first tip that I ever received was to play with hair during a makeout session. This was the best tip I have ever gotten. This is also a great way to find something to do with your hands while you are hooking up because that can Tips for a good hook up be awkward. If you know you are going to see a potential hookup or go to a party make sure you have showered.

Smell is important when it comes to chemistry and you want to make sure you smell your best. If you are feeling fancy, try a new deodorant or spray on some perfume. Also keep in mind your shaving preferences. If you like to be hairless, make sure to shave before a hookup so you can be your most confident self.

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Ensuring you are fresh and clean before a hook up is a personal process every girl should embrace. Spit sisters is a term used to describe two friends who have hooked up with the same guy.

Sometimes it can be kind of fun to have something in common with your friends, but it can also get complicated when it comes to past hookups. Hookups can evoke a lot of emotions and can sometimes even lead to dating. It can get really awkward if you start dating someone who you know your best friend has made out with.

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As funny as this sounds, embracing your size can make all the difference in a hookup. Tall girls can comfortably make out standing up while short girls will definitely get a leg workout if they have to do this.

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Short girls can be picked up but tall girls might flail all over if their partner tried to pick them up. No matter your size, every height or weight is beautiful and realizing this will help you have confidence during a hookup.

Eye contact is always sexy.

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