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Accommodating learning styles in instructional design

OK, now what?

In a similar vein, Slack and Norwich state that a learning style describes how someone usually approaches learning. As a general statement, then, we can say that a learning style is a set of dispositions or preferred methods of learning. As we discussed in an earlier articleadults learn for specific reasons, and they bring unique talents and abilities to the Accommodating learning styles in instructional design. They also bring their own preferred methods of learning.

As a matter of fact, in a comprehensive review of learning style inventories, Coffield, Moseley, Hall, and Eccleston examined a whopping 71 learning style models and provided detailed analysis of 13 major models.

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A ninth intelligence, Existential the ability to deal with large, universal questions of meaning has also been proposed Armstrong, ; Gardner, Rather, as Thomas Armstrong points out, everyone possesses all eight of them, and the intelligences work together in complex ways. Further, as Matt Aborn notes, educators have used the theory to recommend that instructors be aware of the learning strengths and challenges of each of their students, and within each unit there should be at least one lesson that includes all of the intelligences.

For example, in the view of some researchers, such as Goorha and Mohanit is crucial that educators Accommodating learning styles in instructional design student learning preferences and provide appropriate strategies to meet those preferences. If this is so, how can we as instructional designers use the research on learning preferences? Can it help us improve the learning we design? The best way to accommodate a variety of learning preferences is to pay close attention to one of the basic steps in the ID process: Learn who they are, where they work, what their demographics are, what they do, what they need to learn to do.

And with this solid foundation in place, develop a blend of strategies to suit a varied group of learners.


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