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Can you hook up a car amp in your house

If you've got a car...

Can anybody tell me what I would need to power my car amplifier in my house? I'm not sure what other information I need to give, but basically I want to power two speakers in my MAME arcade cabinet using this car amplifier.

I figured I'd use the amplifier if possible because I have it laying around just collecting dust the way it is Can I buy something from Radio Shack or should I get something else? Do I need anything else to hook it up inside?

Can anybody tell me what...

I've thought about doing this before, and posted on Ars about it. I never really got anywhere due to incompetence and laziness on my part, but i've seen it done by a friend who used a computer power supply to power the amp. So it is possible, i'm just not clear on the specifics.

A friend of mine bought a 12V supply for setting up his car stuff in the house. He wound up with a large, heavy power supply that cost a couple hundred bucks.