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Catholic singles groups

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We're your opportunity to meet people, make new friends, and enjoy good times with others who share your faith, values and interests. Each club is an organization of single Catholic professional men and women. CACI is a non-profit organization composed Catholic singles groups more than 30 chapters nationwide. Its purpose is to provide a friendly setting for single Catholics to meet and develop friendships with people who share their faith. Although we are not a match-making organization, many marriages have resulted from the wonderful friendships Catholic singles groups started through our club.

To enable members to join in fellowship and community by sharing their common faith, values, Christian ideals and educational backgrounds with other single professionals.

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To provide a forum for members to participate in enriching and rewarding experiences such as religious and charitable activities, social gatherings, cultural programs and sporting "Catholic singles groups" at local, regional and national levels.

To maintain and expand our membership so the club continues its vitality as a thriving organization.

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Talks on investing, scientific. Prizes for best and. Individuals with the educational equivalent. How to get a newsletter. To request a complimentary copy of our monthly newsletter "The Tales of Two Cities"please contact:.

To join CSAC, click on the button below to bring up our application form. Simply print the form, then fill it out and mail it as directed.

Many people Catholic singles groups consider joining a club like CSAC ask: When you come to an event it seems like everyone else knows each other already. It can be very intimidating going to a club function alone. Trust me, we have all been there.

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We suggest you come Catholic singles groups the event to enjoy yourself. Don't put pressure on yourself by trying to fit in and impress people. Meeting people will come in time, especially if you are enjoying yourself with them. After all, that was also the reason they came to that event-because they expected to enjoy themselves.

The worst thing that could happen is you'll have a good time.


This is especially true if you are looking for a date. People often investigate our club for the sole purpose of meeting someone special.

If they don't find one in the first couple of events they give up and let their membership lapse. True, many former members have, indeed, met their eventual spouse through the club, and we encourage our members to explore such Catholic singles groups if they find someone they can form a bond with.

If your first event was not what you expected, keep coming to events. Too many people make an unfair assessment of the club after attending one or two functions.

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Not everyone joins for the same reason. Some like dinner nights, some only come to Catholic singles groups annual Christmas Dance, some like prayer meetings or Mass and Brunch. I ask people not to make a judgment until they have attended five different events. For most of us it takes time to get comfortable and make friends. Also remember that some events are easier to get comfortable than others.

For example, game nights are easier to meet people than, say, a dance. It is a good idea, when possible, to bring a friend to events. Maybe at some events he or she can make new friends easier than you, and vice-versa.

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