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Halo 3 infection matchmaking playlist


You can also play it on double XP weekends once a month.

Hopefully. I love it. I...

Personally, I think its smart to keep infection limited. Its an amazing game type, and if you could play it every day for hours, im sure it would get a little boring.

I've played it so much some weekends, I actually get tired of it. But, to each his own, im sure some of you guys cant stand SWAT, and thats my favorite game type.

It is pretty stupid that they have every other match type but infection.

Infection is being added to...

I will just have to wait until double xp weekend. Maybe because it is so versatile and the plain infection can be hundreds of game types. Infection is Halo 3 infection matchmaking playlist personal Favorite mode on Halo 3 and for it not to be on Matchmaking is awfull.

I kinda get the sense that Bungie likes keeping the highly popular, yet highly different gametypes as double EXP weekend playlists, like they'll lose their flavor if they kept them around permanently or something.

Hopefully. I love it. I...

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. I would play infection in macthmaking even if their was no xp invovled.

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