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I have no friends anymore


Welcome to Ask Poppy! I was going to attend a dinner party and my boyfriend was supposed to go with me, but he got sick so I had to find a friend who would enjoy the dinner party—and I was stuck. I literally can just think of three people that I would be comfortable to invite and hangout with alone. I was left with no one that night, because everyone I was comfortable with were all busy. I used to have groups of friends—from work, from school, from church, from everywhere—we all used to hangout pretty regularly until our I have no friends anymore busy schedules, relationships, etc.

But to realize that we are actually in different stages in life is freaking me out. Is it my fault? Now, as we grow older, each and every one of us starts running out of time.

Like, here I am flashing back to my early 20s, looking back at how my friends and I were living dangerously thanks to our decent college allowances.

Because that is what youth is all about. She starts building her own solar system with a new set of planets revolving around her.

Most of the time, they just I have no friends anymore up disappointing you, or you end up disappointing them. You see there are a few conditions that need to be met in order to maintain old friendships and gather new ones:. How distant are you from your friend? Like, dude, living that kind of life just to make chika is ridiculous. Are you guys still hanging out randomly or unexpectedly? Is there a safe space for you to show the real you? Our lives are all up on the social media trifecta of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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