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Sklar and associates am stress free now, Thanks to Cori and the proposal department, they helped me and understood my situation. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for them. David Sklar is the best!! My experience so far with David Sklar is great.

I arranged a meeting about a year ago and so far, it's going well. I spoke with Ashley at their Brampton location. My mind is now at ease and can't wait to be debt free.

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For anybody thinking of going into some debt counselling or credit counselling, I would highly recommend these guys here. They will discuss with you everything and follow up to make sure you're in the right Sklar and associates. I was thoroughly impressed to find the large staff available at more than one Office, and had the privilege of having my situation handled by Richard Sklar himself, whilst seeing that there are indeed many professionals in the Sklar Offices, all ready to offer assistance.

Not only did Richard Sklar find time for me, but indeed was good enough to see me on three occasions in order to Sklar and associates a very thorough and understanding analysis of the procedure deemed best to follow in my particular situation.

I am left impressed with the time dedicated to my affairs and to the very reasonable cost involved, particularly in my impecunious situation. This place is a blessing and a miracle.

I thought it was over for me. My son researched and I ignored for a while because I didn't believe such help existed.

I then started praying and one day I just turned on the TV and saw the number and made an appointment. I want people out there to know that there is help out there. All you have to do is make the call. I have nothing but praise for this association, and believe me I did my research regarding choosing a debt relief program. The journey was not an easy one, but through this association I was able to put things my finances into perspective and finally de-stress.

Never once had a bad Sklar and associates and my questions were fully answered and felt no pressure to begin until I understood fully. I would recommend to anybody, who is drowning in debt and just needs a helping hand, believe me, you will not regret. The best part, you are protected from day one and Sklar and associates is no doubt on the process. I am extremely thankful to Mrs. Rhoda Lewis; there Sklar and associates not enough words to describe her professionalism and overall general support.

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She is a great asset to the team. An extremely satisfied client. I am in big debt and i didn't know what to do. I didn't have a fulltime job. Sklar and associates income is not enough for the necessary things and bills are here and there. Collectors are calling me everyday. So i decided to get some help but i didn't Sklar and associates anyone who can help me. So i called them and got an appointment.

She is very nice and it was such a big help for me. They will help you in everything they can.

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And you don't have to pay for their service. Now, i can finally breath. Thank you david sklar and associates especially to you Miss Serena. I was pretty hesitant to get a consumer proposal but knew I needed Sklar and associates become debt free. Jackie had made this whole process so easy for me and I am grateful for everything Jackie Sklar and associates done for me and will continue to do for me.

Cori is among the most professional, most highly prepared, and most knowledgeable individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I was so uneasy and uncomfortable about my situation, but Cori quickly and quite thoroughly explained all my options to me and immediately put me at ease. She not only comprehensively walked me through all the choices available, but she also gently guided Sklar and associates through the ones that would work best for me and has, since our first meeting, been constantly supportive, encouraging, and patient.

I have worked with many professionals in my career, but I have never, ever encountered one as fine, decent, and full of integrity as Cori Naron.

Add a Review Name. Sklar & Associates. people that are inducted into severely strict, private collection& go through an extensive overview &all potential inductions go.

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