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Suboxone side effects sexual dysfunction


I am a female, but my husband who has been on mathadone for the last 8 years definetly notices a marked less sexdrive that has gradually worsened over the last few years.

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We found out as a result of being on opiate, pain Killersfor sooo long that it effected his testosterone level and just had his regular Dr. It, his testosterone level or blood cound, was low enough they decided to prescrible Testim Gel and Astro Gel which is testosterone. He is 36, and was nervous to tell me it had to do with his sex "drive",and if you don't have that, Viagra isn't gonna put you in the mood. This is now something that was just talked about on Dr, Oz's show and all over the news.

Low testosterone in a young or mid age man is called Hypogandism. Believe me, Opiate use and other drug use as well as other things can cause the low testosterone count. I hope I answered what you were looking for. Thank you for helping me. I'm trying to help my best friend and also help my female friend. Suboxone side effects sexual dysfunction loves her husband so much she wants to uplift him and try Suboxone side effects sexual dysfunction help him. How much Suboxone do you take?

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