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Skip to main content. Those times mi never have any money for myself.

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But back then, mi did know a guy weh "Teen sex jamaica" to do a little business, so him did have him money. Him used to love show Teen sex jamaica, so me know me coulda get something from him. Mi did have a party to go and never have no clothes to wear. Mi link him up and tell him to meet me pon the hillside. Mi seh STARthat little place dark like midnight.

If somebody pass yuh, yuh can't see a who. So, mi cock up pan a big stone fi give him a piece. But something very wrong happen at that very moment enuh.

Right now I'm laughing out loud remembering it. Him enter the wrong door inna the dark deh! Mi seh mi nearly dead!

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I never feel so much pain inna mi life. Now, when mi look back at it though, worse I'm a working lady that have my own and work hard, it just look bad. View the discussion thread. STAR, this a long-time thing.

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It happened from I was about 16 years old or so. Bothered by 'big' clitoris. Woman gets rashes after taking tablet. How do you feel about persons who commit heinous crimes, such as rape and murder, being granted parole? My brother did a 'number two' in mommy's pot.

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