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Cancer hookup a scorpio guy in love


When it comes to romantic or platonic compatibility between two people, the elements are always a good starting point.

However, at first glance, the similarities appear to end there. Intensity and emotional depth will run through everything a Scorpio man and Cancer woman do as pair, but their different approaches are quite compatible and will balance each other out, creating a spiritually satisfying combination.

Before analyzing the Scorpio man Cancer woman relationship, it is important to understand their tendencies as individuals.

Testing the Waters

Meet the Scorpio Man: The Scorpio man is an analytical charmer who sees the world in black-and-white and likes to be in control. Sometimes, success means accomplishing professional goals or building a wall around his emotions to prevent others from hurting him.

Other times, it means securing the love and loyalty of a worthy partner, or making sacrifices for his friends and family.

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Meet the Cancer Woman: Like the Scorpio man, the Cancer woman is a complex creature with a deep, deep well of emotions. As a deeply empathetic and sensitive woman, she prefers peace and may find herself fighting for the wrong cause or running in the wrong direction — until she stops and reorients herself.

Friends and boyfriends alike must earn her loyalty, but once they do, she is one of the most generous and intuitive partners you could hope to have. When Scorpio Met Cancer. So, what happens when these two water signs get together?

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