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I have no luck online hookup


Does anyone ever have any luck with online dating? For months I I have no luck online hookup been trawling Okcupid and coming up with nothing. Every attractive woman I message wants nothing to do with me. I try and come up with something clever to say by reading their profile but to no avail. It's either that your profile is bad, the messages you send are bad, or your standards are too high. Or the demographic of available single women in your area using the site is small.

In my case, it's been the same 30 ladies for almost 4 months. I met a super cool girl from OKC last Thursday my first day on the site - we're meeting for drinks tonight!

Maybe you've likely never heard...

Honestly, speaking as someone who started using OkCupid around 19, and met my girlfriend of almost 2 years on the site, you're probably just too young. I don't want to sound like I'm condescending, because I'm not. It's just that most women I saw online tend to go for guys older than them, or at least the same age.

And in most cases, the youngest women who were using it seriously were at least That was my experience though. Once I aged up some, my luck changed significantly. Maybe if you're and the women start getting desperate to find a guy things are different.

Yea same for me. Ended up meeting my fiance on okcupid, was 29 at the time, 32 now and I don't look 32, I pass for mid to early 20s. She messaged me actually, she's a hottie too.

I'm not going to post pictures here but if you want to PM me I'll talk to you about it. Online dating started out as a pretty dry experience for me. No luck, only fat chicks would talk to me. I don't I have no luck online hookup exactly what worked but changing things and doing things I wouldn't have done intuitively helped. Eventually I started getting on a roll and would have multiple dates a week with different girls, none of which were bad looking or fat.

I believe the guy I replied to did and I believe he is a rare exception. He also looks to be about 30 which does help him. That is not a joke I will screen shot my OKC if you do not believe me. POF is slightly better.

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