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What can i use to masterbate


Well if your not interested in getting a toy The MyVibe app allows your phone to vibrate continually. If you don't have an IPhone then I am sure there is another app out there.

Just be sure you "What can i use to masterbate" something to cover your phone and that you don't accept any FaceTime with anyone in the midst lol. Electric toothbrush, phone on vibrate, sit on top of, or lean against the corner of the washing machine on spin cycle is always a winner The back end of a vibrating tooth brush.

Every house has these 31...

But it might be too thin for u. What's are some things I can use to masterbate?

Well if your not interested...

So I am really horny and I can't have any sex. I usually just masterbate with my hands but I don't get that great of an orgasm. What are some things I can use?

Yes, you should be using...

More so for rubbing my clit with. I don't have any toys because me and my bf have a lot of sex so I never really had the need to get one. I'm probably going to look into getting a vibrator but what can I use for right now? Lay back in the tub and let the water run over your clit. Does semen stain sheets? Is it normal for my butt to smell poopy? Are my boobs going to get bigger?

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I'm pregnant what should I do? Do you really think vag is attractive?


What Guys Said 9. It is OK to use a toy with your bf. Most guys will think it is hot! A vibrating toothbrush, or a game consul controller if you can keep it going. Mhu, and I'll find you links, and other devices. What Girls Said 1.

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