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Amature spc


Refers Amature spc a limit on the number of band changes permitted in an hour or how long a station is required to operate on a band after making a band change. Extra points added to a score for making a specific type of contact, for contacting specific stations, or operating in a specified way.

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Submitted logs that are only used in the log checking process and are not listed in the results for competitive purposes. Letter abbreviations for Morse numerals, such as N for 9 A for 1, T for zero, and so forth. Duplicate contact, a station that has been worked before and "Amature spc" be contacted again for point credit.

To coordinate a change to another band to contact station for additional multiplier credit. A contact that can not be cross-referenced to an entry in the log of the Amature spc with which the contact is claimed. To work stations by calling CQ; a run also means a steady stream of callers in response to CQs. The sequential number of the contact in the contest -- first contact, second contact, th contact, and so forth.

An announcement of a station's call and frequency via a spotting network. Casual contest Amature spc who appear late in the contest usually Sunday afternoon to make a few contacts.

Common Contesting Terms

A summary of these can be found in a UBN Report, issued by some contest sponsors to their participants. Secure Site Login Forgot Password?

A station whose signal is loud but cannot hear calling stations well. A table showing the contacts and multipliers worked on each band. A log format specification. See Cabrillo Forms and Tutorial. Disqualification Amature spc the result of rules violation.

The information that must be exchanged in a contest contact.

A guest operator, usually referring to someone highly skilled. In reference to a frequency to maintain a presence on a frequency by calling CQ.

High Power; Low Power; Very low power below 5 watts average output power. Log Checking Report, the output of the log checking process for a submitted log.

The following are the types...

Enforced periods of non-operation during a contest. General term for the spotting network, originally implented via packet radio links.

QSO points removed during the log checking process in response to errors. A software program that processes logs submitted by e-mail. A mobile station that operates while in motion or from multiple locations in a contest. The technique of tuning for stations to work instead of calling CQ. A call sign that was not in any other Amature spc log. Back to Top Having Trouble?

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