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Asexuals documentary


I thought asexuality was merely an invisible orientation, but not one to be mocked outright. Despite many asexuals and sexuals being very respectful and informative on the topic, there were a few things during the film "Asexuals documentary" really broke me. Dan Savage's interviews someone I had a slight respect for were so haunting and distasteful.

He doesn't consider asexuality an orientation, doesn't care to understand the diverse asexual definitions or consider romantic asexuals. Another thing that caught me Asexuals documentary guard were the many people in the parade meant for equality that were ridiculing asexuality.

But others were just uncaring, rude the man that said, "I pity your poor soul", and then ran Asexuals documentary when someone tried to confront him on his remarkor just had it in their head that asexuality just wasn't a thing. So yeah, despite the good in the documentary, I'm haunted by the bad.

I thought asexuality although not known by manywas at least respected by the majority. But this just makes me feel like we have more against us, than for us. And that's all the more reason to fight Even thought the movie shows a lot of the hate we sometimes get Asexuals documentary people, doesn't mean you should focus on it.

I have gotten some hate from people in my school's gsa, but I told him outright, but what was funny is that, I only had a good response, because of the movie, it made me think what I would say if someone ever "Asexuals documentary" our orentation. Dan Savage is probably the worst "ally" for the alphabet soup of non-normative sexualities and gender identities.

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