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Gainsborough lincolnshire united kingdom


Gainsborough was a regional capital of the Saxon kingdom of Mercia. It gets its name from the Gaini tribe. In the mid 9th century the chief of the Gaini was Aethelred Mucill. Sweyn defeated Ethelred the Unready and became King of England.

He was thrown from his horse just "Gainsborough lincolnshire united kingdom" few weeks later and died at nearby Thonock Park in He was succeeded as king by his son Cnut Canute.

It was at Gainsborough the Cnut is thought to have made his unsuccessful attempt to turn back the tide. Gainsborough lincolnshire united kingdom later histories that portrayed this as an act of arrogance, it is more likely that Cnut was demonstrating to fawning followers that there was a limit to his powers.

From its importance in the Saxon period the town seems to have dwindled in importance, and by the time of the Domesday Book it had a population of just King John granted Gainsborough a charter to hold a weekly market in In Thomas "Gainsborough lincolnshire united kingdom" purchased the manor and built what is now the Old Hall.

This large timber-framed manor is one of the best-preserved and most impressive manor houses in England. The town was at the centre of the Civil War conflict; garrisoned for the king, captured by Parliament, only to be retaken by the Royalists.