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Lista civica zingaretti candidating


Nicola Zingaretti Italian pronunciation: Zingaretti is considered a social democrat and one of the most prominent members of the party's left-wing.

La suddivisione territoriale

Nicola Zingaretti was born in Rome inwhere he grew up in a middle-class family. Zingaretti's mother is an Italian Jew and on 16 October managed to escape from the Nazis with her mother while her grandmother Ester Della Torre was deported to Auschwitz concentration campwhere she died after a few days. While he was attending the lyceum inZingaretti started his commitment in associations taking part in the peace movements. Moreover, at 17 Lista civica zingaretti candidating old he was one of the founders of the anti-racist association "Black and not only" Nero e non solowhose main aims were to promote liberal immigration politics to create a multicultural and multiethnic society.

In the following year he was elected in the Rome City Council. In these years, he was committed in rebuilding links with the social democratic parties and other democratic and progressive youth organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He was also committed in promoting the peace process between Israel and Palestineorganizing many initiatives to support dialogue between young Lista civica zingaretti candidating of the Israeli Labour Party and Fatah. In the following year he was one of the main promoters of Walter Veltroni 's candidacy for Mayor of Romecontributing to his victory.

Zingaretti was among the protagonists of a season of important results for the centre-left and for the Democrats of the Left: He gained more thanpreferences and was elected Member of the European Parliament. During the first meeting of the Italian delegation he was appointed President. He also Lista civica zingaretti candidating part in the interparliamentary delegations for relations with the Korean PeninsulaIsrael and in the parliamentary intergroup " Lista civica zingaretti candidating ", " Disability ", " LGBT rights " and " Tibet ".

From tohe was rapporteur for the European Parliament on the directive IPRED2 about criminal sanctions for the protection of intellectual property rights and succeeded in pushing through a bill which uniformed the criminal sanctions in all EU Member States. The directive opposes criminal penalties for counterfeiters who import illegal and dangerous goods from countries outside the EU. InZingaretti refused to run as centre-left candidate in regional election and for this was heavily criticized by some members of his party, like the Mayor of FlorenceMatteo Renzi.

Ipotesi divisione dei seggi

However, objects, slogans and insults were thrown toward the stage, contesting Polverini and his political background in the right-wing and Zingaretti was hit in the face by a lemon. Zingaretti's administration promoted the "ProvinciaWiFi" project, which consisted in the installation in squareslibraries and meeting places of the provincial territory, WiFi devices for free access to the Internet.

Inhe inaugurated Porta Futuroa center for Lista civica zingaretti candidating, training and work. Born in the wake of "Port 22" of Barcelonathe new structure, located in the district of Testaccio in Rome, managed the empowerment of citizens and businesses of the province of Rome. On 28 June at Casina Valadier in Rome, he announced his intention to run in the upcoming municipal election in Rome, to challenge the rightist outgoing mayor Gianni Alemanno ; [30] this statement immediately found the opposition of many members of his own party.

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