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My wife had an affair and wants me back


User Name Remember Me? Recently, my wife was caught My wife had an affair and wants me back her third affair with her married boss, a long-tenured supervisor, after she had been on her first professional job just 9-months. They routinely arranged their travel schedules to be together and she also accompanied him on out-of-town sales calls that were outside the scope of her duties. She is in the HR field and should know better. Their sex was unprotected.

Our youngest was just months at the time she started this affair and she was taking extra time away from the family to be with him. When I demanded she cut if off with him, she left the house and abandoned the children.

Since leaving the house, she has been seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist for unspecified issues. In the past couple of weeks, she has been contacting me asking if we are really over at this point. A few years before, she had an emotional affair with the typical phone calls, sexting and exchanging nude pictures with a military coworker in He was married with a new baby girl at the time. She claimed they never had any physical relations although I think I ended up noticing before it could turn physical.

I contacted him and he confirmed her account. He apologized sincerely, stated if there was one thing he could take back it would be this, and that it changed him. My wife and I went to counseling a few times, worked on the marriage, and she quit her job in the military. She remained unemployed until she took the job above that led to her affair with her boss.

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Unbeknown to me until a few weeks ago, she began her most egregious affair just one-year after our honeymoon in early I deployed overseas with the military one-month after our oldest boy was born.

When our oldest was just 6-months old, she began leaving him in the care of others and going out drinking and partying. In the course of those actions, she began an affair and became pregnant that same month by another military coworker.

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