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National sexuality health education standards


OK, so I just discovered this little secret of Common Core. We will go to the school board. Cynthia Lam, Sex, Etc.

National Sexuality Education Standards

Then I wanted National sexuality health education standards know what information these people thought was age-appropriate. Use proper names for body parts, including male and female anatomy. Describe male and female reproductive systems including body parts and their functions. Identify medically-accurate information about female and male reproductive anatomy. Define sexual orientation as the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender.

And I just have to highlight this principle: Students need multiple opportunities and a variety of assessment strategies to determine their achievement of the sexuality education standards and performance. I know this is already in many of our schools.

This is sex-education on steroids. You can download your own copy of the standards here. I have only highlighted a very few of the National sexuality health education standards I, as a mom, find objectionable. You may not have any issues with the standards, principles and skills that children will be taught as a part of the Common Core Standards. After all these are only minimum standards.

If Common Core is so wonderful, why did they bring it in the back door without legislation? Education we are paying for, without representation. Check back, as I am researching the companies that are creating curriculum to meet these standards.

I recently typed up a blog post about the dumbing down of the Saxon Math curriculum. The whole education establishment needs to be privatized and divorced from Federal Money: Thank you for sharing this! You should keep looking then, this is garbage and attempts to connect two concepts that are not related as a scare tactic to prevent progress in education. And really, by National sexuality health education standards grade my boys should know what a vagina is?

We call those girl parts right now, and they have boy parts. For that matter, most people don't seem to use that term correctly anyway, so fat lot of good all this "education" has done them.

Drives me nuts when I see people say "vagina" when they mean the outside parts of the female reproductive system. That's the labia majora and minora, y'all. So much for sex ed.

People like to think that giving kids the medical terms for things is some kind of magical protection for them against predators, which doesn't seem to be true based on the kids I grew up with. Other than that very unconvincing line of reasoning about predators, why would they need that information?

I am a mother of 5 and we teach our kids to wait until they are married. We don't sugar coat anything. They know it won't be easy but the true reward will be worht it.

You are not a qualified sex educator.

Advocates for Youth is proud...

You are teaching ignorance not a comprehensive curriculum of sexual health. I know it makes it easy for you to boil this down to birth control and contraceptives vs. What makes most caring parents qualified sex educator?

Just the fact that they have gone through the phases of childhood, teen years and into adulthood.

The National Sexuality Education Standards:...

And know the sexual challenges that these different phases bring. I believe I should have the right to decide when my kids are ready to encounter this information… based not on their age or school grade but level of maturity they have achieved at any given age. If you want to give up your right as a parent to have another person educate your child with whatever information they feel fit, and with whatever values they posses, that is your choice assuming you have any ….

There is a cause effect relationship that interest groups with an agenda do not want to acknowledge. Children exposed National sexuality health education standards sexual information at a young age tend to want to experiment with that knowledge National sexuality health education standards a younger age. I have always taught my four boys the proper name for male and female anatomy.

Of course, I didn't teach them about female until they insisted I also had a penis. They know that God has given the man and the woman each a special part to make a baby. They know how babies are born. These are all things that we feel are vital for their personal sexuality.

Sexuality does not mean sex. Yes, they do learn what sex is at a certain age, but sex does not define their sexuality. I feel 5th grade is sometimes too late to start in some cases.

We as parents have the right to have our children participate in these classes or not. I too, want to "National sexuality health education standards" in my boys to wait till marriage to have sex. That is not only from my beliefs, but also from personal experience of not waiting. It gave them vital information without extra info. We as parents were in also there with our children. They also taught from the Bible, and what It says about sex. Again, each parent has their own opinion and has to decide what is best for their child.

However, I strongly recommend everyone looking into https: When kids don't learn about it from qualified people, they learn from the other kids, by experimentation or from TV.

5), suggesting a whole child...

Since we rank atrociously high in teen birth rate, it's more than obvious that ignorance and hoping for abstinence DO NOT work. Right now, most people use the "knock on wood" method of sex education. This is a logical miscalculation. Kids today know far more about sex than our ancestors yet the teen birth rate has skyrocketed. There is a huge disconnect in your logic except for one statement: What we are doing now has failed miserably. National sexuality health education standards

The Society of State Leaders...

Yes, meaning right now. It is completely ilogical to believe that any outfit or individual involved in sexuality education for K or the federal government is interested in the welfare of children. Lots of curriculum resources companies and other organizations are aligning material with Common Core in hopes of selling or pushing it into schools but it does not mean they are official partners of or PART OF Common Core.

I would not be surprised to see it added in as part of Common Core later after we lose more control locally. But we must be clear and informed so we cannot be discredited.

The goal of the National...

Thank you for actually reading the booklet. Indeed, I read page six and found that the organization for National Sexuality Education Standards has been around for a while and in fact, has informed policy for schools and districts. This is an attempt to unify the sex ed standards, but is in no way part of Common Core.