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Ngiam asexual reproduction


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Asexual reproduction [1] is a type of reproduction by which offspring arise from a single organism, and inherit the genes of that parent only; it does not involve the fusion of gametes , and almost never changes the number of chromosomes. Asexual reproduction is the primary form of reproduction for single-celled organisms such as archaea and bacteria.

Many plants and fungi sometimes reproduce asexually. While all prokaryotes reproduce without the formation and fusion of gametes, mechanisms for lateral gene transfer such as conjugation , transformation and transduction can be likened to sexual reproduction in the sense of genetic recombination in meiosis. It is not entirely understood why the ability to reproduce sexually is so common among them. Current hypotheses [3] suggest that asexual reproduction may have short term benefits when rapid population growth is important or in stable environments, while sexual reproduction offers a net advantage by allowing more rapid generation of genetic diversity, allowing adaptation to changing environments.

Developmental constraints [4] may underlie why few animals have relinquished sexual reproduction completely in their life-cycles. Another constraint on switching from sexual to asexual reproduction would be the concomitant loss of meiosis and the protective recombinational repair of DNA damage afforded as one function of meiosis. An important form of fission is binary fission, where the parent organism is replaced by two daughter organisms, because it literally divides in two.

Only prokaryotes the archaea and the bacteria reproduce asexually through binary fission. Eukaryotes such as protists and unicellular fungi may reproduce in a functionally similar manner by mitosis ; most of these are also capable of sexual reproduction. Multiple fission at the cellular level occurs in many protists , e. The nucleus of the parent cell divides several times by mitosis , producing several nuclei.

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Ngiam asexual reproduction

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Types Asexual Reproduction

In this form of reproduction, a single organism or cell put togethers a copy of itself. The genes of the original and its copy will be the same, except for rare mutations. The main process of asexual reproduction is mitosis. This exemplar of reproduction is common amid some single-cell organisms, for sample, Amoeba , Paramecium. Many plants also reproduce asexually. Some organisms like bacteria reproduce using binary fission.

They split in two, so one bacterium becomes two bacteria. This always leads to daughter cells, and the youngster will be identical to the parent. Budding is similar to binary fission, but it is used by plants and some animals, which cannot simply split in half as bacteria can.

It is when a minor part of a plant or animal breaks off and before long, while they are separated from their "mother", they start to grow until both the "parent" and the "offspring" are the same size and both are capable of budding again. That may happen many more times.

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Asexual reproduction

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