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Pacific islander people


PolynesiansMelanesians and Micronesians. For its purposes, the U.

Census also counts Indigenous Australians as part of this group. Pacific Islander Americans make up 0. Fijians are predominantly Pacific islander people in California. In the and U. In the census 1, Americans claimed "'Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander'" as their race alone or in combination.

Micronesian Americans are Americans of Micronesian descent. According to the census, the largest Chamoru populations were located Pacific islander people California, Washington and Texas, but their combined number from these three states totaled less than half the number living throughout the U.

It also revealed that the Chamoru people are the most geographically dispersed Oceanic ethnicity in the country. Marshallese Americans or Marshallese come from the Marshall Islands. In the census 22, Americans identified as being of Marshallese descent. Because of the Marshall Islands entering the Compact of Free Association inMarshallese have been allowed to migrate and work in the United States.

There are many reasons why Marshallese came to the United States. Some Marshallese came for educational opportunities, particularly for their children. Massive layoffs by the Marshallese government in led to a second big wave of immigration. Arkansas has the largest Marshallese population with over 6, residents. Other significant Marshallese populations include Spokane and Costa Mesa.

Polynesian Americans are Americans of Polynesian descent. Samoan American is a Pacific islander people of Polynesian American. AnchorageAlaska and HonoluluHawaii both have thousands of Samoan Americans residing in each city. For this reason, Samoans can move to Hawaii or the mainland United States and obtain citizenship comparatively easily.

Like Hawaiian Americans, the Samoans arrived in the mainland in the 20th century as agricultural laborers and factory workers.

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A Tongan American is an American who is of ethnic Tongan descent. Utah has the largest Tongan American population and Hawaii has the second largest. Pacific islander people Samoans are distinguished among Pacific islander people wider Pacific Islander group for enthusiasm for enlistment. Ina Chicago Tribune reporter covering the island's military service noted, "American Samoa is one of the few places in the nation where military recruiters not only meet their enlistment quotas but soundly exceed them.

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