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Sexual reproductive health issues


During this period new behavior is learned easier than adulthood. Therefore, special attention has to be necessarily paid to this period in order to promote the health.

Addressing adolescent reproductive health issues is also a critical factor. This research was a qualitative study conducted from January to July Data from focus group Sexual reproductive health issues and semi-structured interviews with 25 female students and 10 key members of the university including university authorities, consultants, reproductive health professionals and university officials was collected and all interviews were recorded, formulated and classified.

The mean age of participants was A total of 8 students majored in geology, 5 majored in chemistry, 3 in statistics, 3 in mathematics, and 6 in biology. Majority of students The following three main themes were extracted from the interviews: Reproduction thought as pregnancy; the taboo of sex; and inappropriate relation between parents and children. Most participants stressed the need to Sexual reproductive health issues reproductive health services for young girls.

This fact was stressed in the International Conference on Population and Development in Hagikhani et al. Investment in the health of this age group has played a major role in the development of human communities due to the dual role of women in community health and well-being of future generations as one of the main paths to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals MDGs and youth goals Parvizi et al.

In connection with the discussion of health, sexual and reproductive health is an important part of world health UNICEF, ; Li Ping, and as a part of human rights it has been approved for public Mazloomy, In this regard, many young women have very little reproductive health information Li Ping, In addition, it has been reported that the young are facing different sexual and reproductive health problems like unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and STI including HIV WHO, It is estimated that many women in the world die due to complications during pregnancy and abortion every year.

On the other hand, the mortality rate caused by unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases STD is increasing around the globe WHO, Despite the concerns announced by the United Nations, member countries, international organizations, and individual adolescents everywhere, the reproductive health concerns of young people are too often neglected Greene, Most of the population in our country i.

Therefore, neglecting this population and their "Sexual reproductive health issues" reproductive health will bring about irreparable consequences for the adults Bott, Hence, it is necessary to maintain the functionality of the present programs and assess emerging needs and current trends associated with this issue Sadeghipour et al. Based on results of the Iranian national Census, of the almost millionpopulation of Iran, about As a result of concerns for this important issue, the United Nations has changed the theme of World Population Day was teenage Sexual reproductive health issues. This highlighted the significant of the role played by teen girls in positively influencing future generations and stressed the importance of providing them with adequate health care and educational support Kaiser, There are several cultural and social reasons for this point of view.

1. Introduction

Despite this trend, little is known about the reproductive health needs of young people in Iran. In addition, the few studies conducted on the knowledge, attitude, beliefs and Sexual reproductive health issues associated with sexual reproductive health of Iranian youth have indicated that the level of knowledge of reproductive health is low Mohammadi et al. In Islamic Republic of Iran, students forma large part of the population were selected to study the reproductive health status of Iranians WHO, and students following separation from parents, which exposes them to sexual reproductive health problems like the following: Some of these concerns include depression, sadness, mood changes, anxieties and phobias Mohammadi et al.

WHO donates Emergency Reproductive Health...

University students in general are the hopes of every country and, unfortunately, there are no comprehensive studies in this field. The existing studies and articles are also limited to quantitative studies of youth.

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Therefore, research on youth reproductive health status and requirements Sexual reproductive health issues Reproductive Health in Iran is important for various reasons Vakilian et al. Since college students and alumni form important communities, these communities were selected to explain the reason.

The reproductive health status of female students of Lorestan University residing in Khoramabad city in the southwest of IRAN was also examined.

Khoramabad Sexual reproductive health issues the capital of Lorestan province and 22 nd most populated city of Iran. This city is located in the valleys of the Zagros Mountain Range at an altitude of Therefore; this study was aimed to systematically explore the sexual and reproductive health problems among female students attending the University of Lorestan. Lorestan University is the oldest higher education institute in Khoramabad.

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