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I grew up being told, and believing, that I was the nice, white, Jewish daughter of two nice, white, Jewish parents.

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But Schwartz, a year-old film-maker, has brown skin, curly hair and full lips. It was only when she was 18 that her mother admitted the truth: The revelation not only shook her relationship with her mother to the core, but also led Schwartz to question Two black girl have sex she had believed about who she was, and eventually inspired her to make a documentary about the experience, called Little White Lie. So I decided to use the film as a way to fully uncover the secret.

Schwartz with her mother Peggy as a child.

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Having spent most of her adult life in the city, Schwartz now lives in New Jersey with her lawyer husband, Antonio Delgado, and their month-old twins. Her father, Robert, was an accountant, and her mother, Peggy, owned a wine shop. Although Lacey was an only child, she was close to her numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. My family knew who they were, and they defined who I was.

Leafy, middle-class Woodstock was a liberal Two black girl have sex but it was also very white. Schwartz has a vivid memory of being five and a little blond boy in her all-white kindergarten class asking her to show him the colour of her gums. Schwartz, centre, with her mother and father to her immediate left, on the day of her bat mitzvah. Afterwards, Schwartz asked her parents why she looked different, and her father showed her a picture of his great-grandfather, a brooding, Moorish-looking Sicilian, and told her that she must take after him.

And that, she says, simply became the accepted story. Aged 11, Schwartz wrote in her diary that she wished she had lighter skin, and that she hated her curly hair. But I was in denial too; I had my blinkers on. Schwartz in her bat mitzvah dress. Their divorce had a major impact on her.

But when my parents split up, it made me question everything: When, at 16, she started dating her high-school boyfriend Matt, who was himself mixed race. However, she had submitted a photograph as part of the application, and on the basis of that, was admitted as a black student.

Schwartz speaks frankly with her mother in her film Little White Lie. And my dark skin that I had always worried about was light skin to them.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. I just knew that being black was who I was. Schwartz attended meetings of the Black Student Alliance, and became conscious of race in a way she never had been before.

I learnt so much, including the fact that my black friends felt they had to work so much harder "Two black girl have sex" prove their success. In her first year of college, she began seeing a white, female, non-Jewish therapist, who helped her work through how she might open Two black girl have sex conversation with her parents.

Why has nobody ever talked to me about it? How come nobody saw I was different? But my mom had been lying to me and to everyone else my entire life. I was so angry I could barely speak to her. It took a long time, but Schwartz finally rebuilt her relationship with Peggy, who features prominently in the film.

Peggy admits to camera that she initially had reservations about being in the film. Robert, however, was not such an easy participant; the tense, awkward footage of Schwartz tackling the subject of her paternity with him for the first time is painful to watch. Perhaps surprisingly, Schwartz did not broach the subject with him before the on-camera conversation. Her great-great-grandfather, from whom she "Two black girl have sex" told she inherited her looks.