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How to use tinder discreetly

Here are nine ways for...

How to use Tinder discreetly? My boyfriend and I are interested in using Tinder to meet someone but we don't want to How to use tinder discreetly it to our personal Facebook accounts out of fear that one of our friends or colleagues will see.

In my mind there are two options:. Create a throwaway Facebook account and link it to Tinder. I have tried to do this and it always links it to my personal Facebook account. I also don't want friends in the area to get matched to me through my throwaway account since I would include my name and picture. Link it to my personal Facebook account but change the privacy settings so "only me" can view that I am active on Tinder.

I don't think your facebook friends can see you are on tinder unless they physically see you in the tinder cue. That's a risk no matter how you sign up, unless you don't show faces in your pictures, which lowers your match potential. I'm kind of leaning toward linking it to my personal account.

You can link tinder to your personal account and if you look at potential matches when you view their profile you can see if they have any friends that are also in your circle of friends so it can actually help you avoid being caught. I've never once had a facebook friend pop up on Tinder. It only shows 'friends How to use tinder discreetly friends', for me at least.

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