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Best time to send online hookup message


Text message marketing is about nuance. It has to be.

Mobile phones evoke significant emotions within their owners. If you are a mobile marketer using text messaging, your successes are based on growing the number of opt-in mobile database members and their engagement. If you upset a user, he or she has the power and right to unsubscribe easily. Along with other best practice in text message marketing, one of the fastest ways to upset mobile database subscribers is to send them messages at the wrong time.

Wake them up at 2 a. Text me at 4 a. Mobile is the one channel people can be reached with throughout their day. As you can see in the below chart from Zokem Mobile Insights, text messaging is most effective during business hours 10 a.

So, when is the best time? First, you need to consider the times of day that Best time to send online hookup message mobile audience is on their phone the most and what time periods are most appropriate and relevant for within their daily routine.

Unless your message is related to that specific date or a reminderMondays have shown the lowest response most likely due to the overwhelming content that people receive after weekend via email, television and mail. Since it is text messaging, people cannot read or engage with a text message during common rush hours, typically 6: Not too early in the morning and not too late at night. Think about when users would want to accept a phone call.

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Always keep local time zones in mind. Send messaging out at the times most impactful to those in each local market. Especially for television shows, retail sales and time-sensitive offers. The bigger the news, the more lenient you can be with messaging outside of? Reminders should be sent at least 24 hours before the appointment and contain all necessary information.

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Send at the time that best fits your goals: Trying to drive people into your establishment during lunch hours?

Send out your blast at Thursdays are popular dates to send text messages with strong response rates and Fridays between 2 p.

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Send out a couple reminders spaced out including on the actual date and links to increase RSVPs and attendance. Include specific event information to assist attendees with planning and logistics. Send holiday messages with valuable content up to a week before an expected action is to be taken to allow them to plan properly, such as an upcoming sales, in-store events or even holiday recipes.

Do not send unexpected or irrelevant messages on holidays or during the big game.

Always have a clear purpose and relevance to the time and date sending. There has been a big increase in the adoption of electronic receipts to save overall costs for retailers. Make sure they are sent immediately after purchase.

Drive additional action by including a link to view other specials or products to drive more sales and interest. This will help build a trusting relationship with your consumer. Still not sure what time or offer will drive the best ROI, time test your message in rolling time zones, different geographic areas and improve content as you see fit.

How often to message the mobile database While the type of news you send will directly determine the frequency of messaging, here are a few additional tips for ongoing messaging:.

Messaging is about engagement, not about one-off blasts. Campaigns, platform developments, apps, video, location, trends, and much more. Mobile Marketer has re-launched! Click here to learn more! When is the best time to send a text message?

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By Tracy Kunzi Text message marketing is about nuance. If you have more flexibility in your message?

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