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Sociosexual hierarchy


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You have New Private Message s! There are 49 Comments on this Quiz View Comments. Party, Club, Gathering Who are you?

You're politely Social and Confident without effort. You're Social and Mostly Confident but you can't deny feeling the need to be liked or impress. You may or may not be social. You do what you want, talk to who you want and leave if your bored. You feel awkward and try too hard.

Guys, opinions: choosy or easy? I feel like this is a pretty dang accurate and interesting test, you guys should try it out . •. URL: Social/Socio-Sexual Hierarchy Quiz. What do you say, does it have any natural dynamics to it? Alpha Game: The socio -sexual hierarchy..

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Sociosexual hierarchy These are the main characteristics of this group.
  • About six years ago, Vox Day published his socio-sexual hierarchy.
  • A few points are worth bringing up here.
  • This type is just an alpha or beta from a social hierarchy...
  • Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega or Sigma. You're politely Social...
  • Sociosexual Hierarchy Shelf
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  • Being skilled to do crossword puzzles is a wonderful constituent into innumerable individuals.

  • Quote: Alpha: The alpha is the tall, good-looking guy who is the center of both male and female attention. The classic star of the football team. About six years ago, Vox Day published his socio-sexual hierarchy. It is a good primer to figuring out how groups of men organize themselves.
  • I feel like this is a pretty dang accurate and interesting test, you guys should try it out . •. URL: Social/Socio-Sexual Hierarchy Quiz. What do you say, does it have any natural dynamics to it? Alpha Game: The socio -sexual hierarchy.

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