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How to overcome being cheated on in a marriage

Getting Over Being Cheated On

It will seem like the fastest way to stop the same relentless thoughts from cycling in your head. Your primary motivation for kicking him to the curb right now would be because you want him to hurt. His suffering will be inseparable from your own. Save yourself from being where the heavy boomerang will inevitably land by marshaling all the restraint you possibly can. Let your feelings of humiliation, fury and abandonment rise to the surface and have their day in the sun—but consider having them with someone other than your man.

So step 1, doing nothing at first, may not feel like a step at all. Maybe your husband is still cheating, right this minute, as you read this line.

He may see her at work, be texting her, or be in a hotel with her right now. If you knew he would never do it again for sure, that would make it so much easier to trust him again. And trying to tell him what to do at this point is going to drive him further into her arms—not yours. Same with begging, pleading, crying, reasoning or threatening him.

It all does the opposite of what you want it to do.

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