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How long can you go without ejaculating

Does makeup give women an...

I can go on like forever but I'll loose my sanity and mind. I'm becoming a monster when I don't masturbate.

I need my daily wanks. The longest period I managed was about a year or so. I had no possibility for this.

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I did 1 month, and then i had a wet dream, so. I was planning go for 6 months. If i dont ejaculate just looking at a girl gives me a big boner. My head of my penis feels like it just needa to. I just feel like a walking bomb ready to explode lol.

I recently didn't masturbate for 15 days. About the better quality. I didn't really notice it except from that i was horny all the time. Not quite sure what you mean by your question! What did you do?

Whether we're sharing flirty sex...

I'll be here if ya need! If your asking about ur holding power then its close to an hour. Went about 2 months in bootcamp. I had to masturbate eventually because it started to hurt. Guys, how long can you go without ejaculating? The longest I ever managed was 7 days. I've heard that voice, muscle tone, skin and hair and quality of sleep get better if you don't ejaculate.

What's your fave way to tease someone or to be teased? Does this turn you on?

What Guys Said Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? My longest no fap was days, I can't remember the exact number.