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Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction


Conceived and designed the experiments: Provided critical feedback and guidance and was responsible for the ongoing management of the study: Studies have shown a high prevalence of psychiatric illnesses among patients in primary health care settings.

Family physicians have Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction fundamental role in managing psychiatric illness with psychopharmacological medications. Providing information about "Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction" disease, its management and the potential adverse effects of the medications is an important part of the management of mental illnesses.

Our objective was to determine if patients who were prescribed psychopharmacological drugs by family physicians at a community health center in Karachi, Pakistan were provided adequate education about their disease and its management. Details about the prescriptions and patient education were acquired from the patients after their consultations. A total of adult patients were interviewed during 3 days. Among them, 73 Among patients receiving psychopharmacological medicines, 37 For all aspects of education, patients prescribed psychopharmacological medications knew less as compared to those patients that were prescribed other medications.

The practice of imparting information to patients who receive psychopharmacological medications seems to be inadequate in Pakistan. We have hypothesized about the possible reasons for our findings, and identified a need for further research to determine the cause for such findings and to address them accordingly.

At the same time Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction is a need to educate family physicians in Pakistan about the special importance of providing adequate information to such patients. Common psychiatric illnesses like anxiety and depressive disorders are highly prevalent all over the world. Estimates from ranks depression among the top ten causes of disability worldwide [1]. Depression is projected to become the second leading cause of disability in the world while the foremost cause in the underdeveloped countries by the year [2].

The mounting burden of such disorders presents more of a challenge for the developing world, where only a minor percentage of the gross domestic product is allocated to health care. The role of family physicians is fundamental in managing common psychiatric illnesses.

Several studies have shown that the prevalence of psychiatric illnesses among patients visiting primary health care providers is high. The prescription of psychopharmacological medications plays a major role in the management of common mental disorders. In Pakistan, there are currently only psychiatrists for a population of million [5].

The high prevalence of psychiatric illnesses in primary care clinics often leads to hasty diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Evaluation and Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction of common mental disorders like anxiety and depression involves a challenge to the clinical ability, knowledge and experience of the family physicians.

Due to the dearth of psychiatrists, most patients with psychiatric illnesses are being managed by family physicians [6]. Therefore it is imperative to know how they fare when it comes to prescribing psychopharmacological medications and if adequate information about the disease is being provided. Providing adequate information about the disease and its management is of special importance in the treatment of patients with mental illnesses.

There is evidence that adequate information helps improve patient cooperation, medication compliance, tolerance to unwanted effects and the efficacy of medications and reduce the rate of unwanted drug effects [7]. The purpose of our study was "Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction" determine if patients who were prescribed psychopharmacological drugs by family physicians at a reputable community health center in Karachi, Pakistan receive adequate education about their disease and its management.

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Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan with an estimated population of 18 Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction [8]. AKUH is a privately managed tertiary care, university hospital, located in the centre of the city.

It comprises of 10 clinics which are conducted by trained family physicians that are certified by local or foreign examination boards. According to current estimates, the CHC has an average daily turnover of patients. This number includes adults and children attending family medicine clinics, as well as specialty clinics and those coming in for brief surgical and medical procedures.

We interviewed all adult patients attending the family medicine clinics at the CHC over a period of 3 days in January They were consecutively approached for an interview after their consultation was over and they had received their prescriptions. Patients attending specialty clinics, or those who were less than 18 years of age were excluded from the study. We designed a structured interview based questionnaire which comprised of 3 parts.

The first dealt with the socio-demographic profile of the participants e. The second part documented the drugs prescribed during the consultation. The third and final part assessed whether the patients had been provided adequate Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction about their diagnosis and its prognosis and about the drugs that they had been prescribed e.

We originally designed the questionnaire in English and then translated it into Urdu. To ensure that the original wordings were preserved, it was then back translated into English by three different non-medical individuals not related to the study. We then pre-tested this final Urdu questionnaire on 36 subjects to identify any shortcomings of the questionnaire. Some minor problems were identified and we made the appropriate modifications.

Data from the pre-test was not included in the final analysis. The interviews were conducted by a group of senior medical students who were briefed about the study protocol and trained in survey techniques.

The interviewers assembled at the CHC, before the start of the clinics. All patients were approached after their consultation was over, and they had received their prescriptions. After taking informed consent, they were interviewed, and their responses were recorded on the questionnaire.

Throughout the period of data collection, the family physicians were unaware of the study going on outside their doors. This was intentional and important for the study design. During the interview, all participants were asked to show their prescriptions Haider salim wife sexual dysfunction were then noted down in the questionnaire. Before data entry, all the trade names were converted into generic names using PharmaGuide [9]and all psychopharmacological medications were coded into different classes according to their respective modes of action like anti-depressants, anxiolytics, etc.

We performed data entry on Epi Data version 3. Descriptive statistics including means and standard deviation SD were calculated for continuous variables, while proportions were calculated and tabulated for categorical variables. Demographic details of patients receiving psychopharmacological drugs or other medications were tabulated. The Pearson chi-square test and Independent T-test were used for categorical and continuous variables respectively, to assess for significant differences between the two patient groups.

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