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Hertfordshire south east england


It was created in and was adopted Hertfordshire south east england statistics from Essex has the highest population in the region. Its population at the census was 5, The southern part of the region lies in the London commuter belt.

The region has the lowest elevation range in the UK. The Fens are partly in North Cambridgeshire which is notable for the lowest point in the country in the land of the village of Holme 2. Basildon and Harlow Essexwith Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshirewere main New Towns in the s and s, with much industry located there; three of these are on motorways, and fairly equidistant from London.

In the late s, the Roskill Commission considered Hertfordshire south east england in Bedfordshire, Nuthampstead in Hertfordshire and Foulness in Essex as a possible third airport for London.

Southern England, or the South...

The East of England civil defence region was identical to today's region. England between the Wash and just south of the town of Colchester has since post-Roman times 6th century been and continues to be known as East Angliaincluding the county traversing the west of this line, Cambridgeshire. The Hertfordshire south east england of Essex as part of East Anglia is open to debate, notably because it was a Saxon kingdom, separate from the kingdom of the East Angles.

County Information. Hertfordshire (abbreviated Herts)...

Essex, despite meaning East-Saxons, previously formed part of the South East Englandas did Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, a mixture of definite and debatable Home Counties.

The earliest use of the term is "Hertfordshire south east england" Charles Davenantin An essay upon ways and means of supplying the warwrote, "The Eleven Home Counties, which are thought in Land Taxes to pay more than their proportion The term does not appear to have been used in taxation since the 18th century. This is usually because low pressure systems and weather fronts from the Atlantic have lost a lot of their moisture over land and therefore are usually a lot weaker by the time they reach Eastern England.

However the Fens in Cambridgeshire are prone to flooding should a strong system affect the area. Winter mid November — mid March is mostly cool but non-prevailing cold easterly winds can affect the area from the continent, these can bring heavy snowfall if the winds interact with a low pressure system over the Atlantic or France.

Northerly winds can also be cold but are not usually as cold as Hertfordshire south east england winds. Westerly winds bring milder and, typically, wetter weather. Southerly winds usually bring mild air if from the Atlantic or North Africa but chill if coming from further east than Spain.

The weather at this time is often changeable within each day and occasionally showery. Summer June — mid September is usually warm and continental air from mainland Europe or the Azores High usually leads to at least a few weeks of hot, balmy weather with prolonged warm to hot weather.

The East of England is...

The number of summer storms from the Atlantic, such as the remnants of a tropical storm usually coincides with the location of the jet stream.

The East tends to receive Hertfordshire south east england less of their rain than the other regions. Autumn mid September — mid November is usually mild with some days being very unsettled and rainy and others warm. At least part of September and early October in the East have warm and settled weather but only in rare years is there an Indian summer where fine weather marks the entire traditional harvest season.

The most deprived districts, according to the Indices of deprivation in the region are, in descending order, Great Yarmouth 58th in EnglandNorwich 62ndLuton 87thPeterborough 90th and Ipswich 99th.

At county level, after Luton and Peterborough, which have a similar level of deprivation, in descending order there is Southend-on-Sea then Thurrock. At county level, the least deprived areas in the region, in descending order, are Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, with all three having a similar level of deprivation, then Essex.

The region has the lowest proportion of jobless households in the UK — 0. In March the region's unemployment claimant count was 3. Inside the region, the highest rate is Great Yarmouth with 6. In the general election, "Hertfordshire south east england" was an overall swing of 0. All of Hertfordshire and Suffolk is now Conservative.

Hertfordshire is one of the...

An East of England Regional Strategy Board exists to co-ordinate the work of the local councils in the area and provides other functions.

It was revoked on 3 January [5]. The official region Hertfordshire south east england of the following subdivisions:.

A mammoth skeleton found at West RuntonNorfolk, inis the most complete in the world. Fossilised footprints discovered on a nearby beach in at Happisburgh areyears old, and the oldest evidence of early humans outside of Africa, known as Homo antecessorwith the earliest flint hand axe in north-west Europe.

Elizabeth Garrett Andersonfrom Suffolk, qualified as Britain's first female doctor inand was the granddaughter of Richard Garrettwhose company produced some of the first steam-powered road vehicles. On 3 October postcodes were introduced in the UK at Norwich only; Norwich was the first main town in the UK to be pedestrianised in The Access credit card was introduced in October from Southend. The East of England was a major force and resource for Parliament, and in particular in the form of the Eastern Association.

Oliver Cromwell came from Huntingdon. The Imperial War Museum at Duxford has an exhibition, commemorating their participation and sacrifice, near to the M11 south of Cambridge.

The de Havilland Mosquito was mainly assembled at Hatfield and Leavesden, although much of the innovative wooden structure originated outside the region from the furniture industry of High Wycombe ; Hertfordshire south east england Mosquito entered service in with Sqn at RAF Horsham St Faith.

RAF Tempsford in Bedford is the airfield from where SOE secret agents for Europe took off, with Sqn which parachuted agents and equipment and Sqn which landed and retrieved agents. Kennedy 's older brother Joseph P. A magnetic mine found in at Shoeburynessnow in Southend, allowed the German magnetic mine threat to be subdued, with work done at HMS Vernon in Portsmouth.

William Batesonat Cambridge, invented the term genetics and co-discovered genetic linkage with Reginald Punnett. Tagamet was for many years the world's best-selling prescription drug - for stomach ulcers ; the Hertfordshire south east england had been led by C. Adalimumabknown as Humira, the world's best-selling drug, was partly developed in Cambridge by Cambridge Antibody Technology.

The world's first heart, lung and liver transplant was performed there on 17 December The world's first long-term artificial heart was implanted and connected on 26 August - by Dr John Wallwork ; the patient lived for 9 months; John Wallwork had performed Europe's first heart—lung transplant there in ; such transplants are often carried out on people with cystic fibrosis. Ben "Hertfordshire south east england" conducted Britain's first open-heart surgery there in September on a woman with an atrial septal defectknown as a hole in the heart.

John Ray was an important naturalist from Essex, and the first to distinguish flowering plants between monocotyledons Hertfordshire south east england dicotyledons in his book Methodus Plantarum Nova.

Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshendof Raynham Hall in Norfolk, introduced crop rotation to Britain which had originated in Holland in the early s using wheatturnipsbarley and clover. At the Rothamsted Experimental Stationnear Harpenden in Hertfordshire, 2,4-D was discovered, under Juda Hirsch Quastel ; this is the most widely used herbicide in the world; later Hertfordshire south east england the station, the pyrethroid insecticide was developed, under Michael Elliott, which is now the most common insecticide on the domestic market.

William Gilbert astronomer from Colchester was an important early physicist; the Gilbert was a former unit of magnetization. Radar was developed in around Chelmsford in the late s and at Bawdsey Manor on the Suffolk coast; on 24 July at Orfordness was the first detection on a CRT screen of tracking a plane on radar - a Westland Wallace.

In James Clerk Maxwell at Cambridge discovered his electromagnetic wave equationpart of his Maxwell's equations. William Hyde Wollastona chemist from Norfolk, discovered palladium in and rhodium inand in discovered the features of the Sun 's electromagnetic spectrum, known as Fraunhofer linesallowing the chemical composition of the Sun to be determined.

In at Cambridge, Mary Cartwright developed chaos theory with John Edensor Littlewood ; Edward Norton Lorenza Hertfordshire south east england from the USA, would mainly develop chaos theory inand the butterfly effect in In the s at Cambridge, the scanning electron microscope was developed by Sir Charles Oatleyand first made by the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company in InCambridge geophysicists Frederick Vine and Drummond Matthews Hertfordshire south east england the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift ; plate tectonics was first suggested at Cambridge by Dan McKenzie ; continental drift had first been proposed, though not extensively proved, by the German Alfred Wegener in Wells book The World Set Freethat overtly prophecised nuclear weapons.

The Cavendish Laboratory has 29 Nobel prize winners, more than anywhere else, and many Western countries. The firm would later own Mountfield. The Chorleywood bread process from changed bread production all over world. John Dickinson Stationery of Hertfordshire was the first company to produce gummed envelopes inand windowed envelopes in in production quantities.

The Thursford Collection in Norfolk is the Hertfordshire south east england biggest collection of steam engines.

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