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How am i feeling quiz


Which physical symptoms have you been experiencing lately? Chose the answer that is most like what you have been experiencing, even if you haven't experienced all of the symptoms. Frowning, inactivity, moving slowly, withdrawal, talking less than usual, being monotone, giving up, moping. Incoherence, tightness in the body, a hot face, muscles How am i feeling quiz, clenched teeth, feeling the impulse to hit something.

Sweating, having the jitters, trembling, shortness of breath, muscle tension, uncomfortable stomach, feeling cold.

What emotions are you hiding?...

Stomach pain, having a sense of dread, crying, How am i feeling quiz, wanting to hide, being jittery, having a sense of suffocation. Withdrawing, hiding, avoiding someone you've hurt, slumped posture, apologizing, giving gifts, trying to fix things.

Fearful talk, shaking, crying, yelling, pleading for help, fleeing, hiding, being speechless, having a frozen stare. Mean expressions, clenching your teeth, a red face, verbally attacking, physically attacking, cursing, complaining, being aggressive or threatening, stomping, brooding. Frowning, inactivity, moving slowly, withdrawal, talking little, monotonous voice, giving up, moodiness. Disoriented, dazed, losing control, remembering threatening times, shock.

Irritable, grouchy, blaming yourself, hopelessness, fainting, nightmares, insomnia, disturbed appetite, numbness. Avoiding thoughts, shutting down, blocking emotions, impulsivity, believing you're defective, feeling alienated. Focusing on one thing that has caused you to feel upset, ruminating, numbness, depersonalization. Losing How am i feeling quiz, status, and respect; being insulted; physical pain; emotional pain; being threatened; having someone enjoyable be interrupted; not getting what you want.

Being in a new place, being alone, being in a place where bad things have happened to you or someone else. Things turning out badly, getting what you don't want, not getting what you need or want, the death of a loved one, loss of any kind, separation from something or someone important to you. Doing someone wrong, remembering something wrong that you did, your transgression being "discovered," a private part of your life is exposed, being teased or criticized, being betrayed, failing, being rejected, having invalidated emotions.

Thinking that someone will reject, criticize, or dislike you; that you won't get the help you need; that you will lose any help you have; losing control; How am i feeling quiz competence; believing that you could be hurt, or even die.

Thinking that you will be separated form something important for a long time; you are worthless and not valuable; you won't get what you need; hopeless beliefs.

Life is unfair; things should be different; "I'm right"; judging the situation to be unfair. Your body is too big; you are bad; you are a failure; you are silly and stupid; you are not "good enough", believing that you are a "loser"; believing that you are unlovable.

Impatience, hurt, hostile, rage, hateful, critical.

Our days are full of...

Cautiousness, reluctance, suspiciousness, caginess, wariness, confused, insecure. Weariness, dissatisfaction, dubiousness, skepticism, doubtfulness, apathy, boredom, dullness. Trusting, loving, intimate, thoughtful, content, relaxed, serene, thankful.

Excited, energetic, playful, creative, aware, fascinating, amused, delightful, cheerful. Sweet, friendly, tame, wise, patient, calm, successful, pleased, soothed. Proud, respected, appreciated, hopeful, important, faithful, valuable, worthwhile, intelligent, How am i feeling quiz. If you could do anything to express the emotion you are feeling, without having to suffer the consequences, what would it be?

Stomp, hit, throw, beat-up, hurt someone or something, explode, break things. Run away, change my name, move to a different state, hire a bodyguard.

Special Feature

Hide, run away, avoid people, give away money and gifts, try to make up for things I've done wrong. Crawl into a whole and die, kill myself, cry for hours, go to sleep, eat too much or too little. You have the possibility to design the text. It is the pain in which painkiller doesn't work. I am a mess. I see how it is. I can't get this feeling to go away! Ive lost respect, Ive done horrible things, Im terrified of telling my guardians "How am i feeling quiz" my sexuality, Im becoming less social, In the night I sometimes end up crying.

Someone please How am i feeling quiz me what to do to fix me. I've been feeling empty and like there is a part of me missing. I often have irrational mood swings and am very depressed. While I am not suicidal, I can't help feeling like I shouldn't be here.

Feelings can be hard to...

I want to find out what i need to do to feel whole again, and until i do, i won't ever feel truly okay. I feel so Empty and up set it feel like I done something wrong. I don't exactly know why I've felt so sad lately. I had these two really good friends and we've split paths in life. They've moved on, but I haven't.

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