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How long sex lasts on average


So, how many minutes of sex are enoughand how many are too few? In an article for The ConversationalistDr.

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Brendan Zietsch, a psychologist from the University of Queensland, writes about what he has learned researching how long heterosexual couples report penetrative sex actually lasts. How do we define the beginning and end of sex?

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The definition is penis-centric. Participants pressed "start" at the time of penile penetration and "stop" at ejaculation.

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A stopwatch was the preferred method of choice because people are more likely to be biased if simply asked how long they take without proper measure. The findings revealed the average time for each couple, across all the times they had sex, ranged from 33 seconds to 44 minutes.

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Meanwhile, the average across all couples was 5. This means a couple will typically go for an average of 5. Interestingly, condom use and circumcision did not affect duration in the bedroom. Some men believe condoms make them lose an erection because it removes all the sensitivity and feeling.

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However, a study found heterosexual men aged 18 to 24, who cited condoms as a barrier to an erection, were more likely to be suffering from general erectile dysfunction whether or not they used a condom. Meanwhile, the country of origin did not affect sex durationunless the couples came from Turkey, which tended to be significantly shorter 3.

Depending on what side of the sex duration spectrum men fall on, an average of five minutes could be good or bad. Zietsch suspects penis shape could affect sex duration in bed. In a studyusing artificial vaginas, artificial penises, and artificial sperm corn syrupresearchers found the ridge around the head of the penis is able to scoop out pre-existing syrup from the vagina.

This ensures their swimmers will have a better chance at reaching the egg first for fertilization. It seems that anything longer than ten minutes is ideal, but unusual. So, why do we last as long as we do? When it comes to the heat of the moment, pleasure has no number.

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