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How to give a good bloejob


This article is NOT about morality. That is not the topic of this article. It is designed for women who wish to please their man to the max and make him happy beyond measure in bed. It is an all inclusive guide on how to give a great blowjob. If adult language and straightforward How to give a good bloejob easily offend you and if you have a problem with hearing the truth about blow jobs, then please stop reading now — this article is not for you.

The 61 blowjob tips you will find below are something that the majority of men want in a blow job.

Building Up To Your BJ...

Except if you have a reputation of using too much teeth. This is counter-productive, since most of the time… any blow job is better than no blow job. But let's not play the blame game here. Seriously, wake up, get real, and stop living in an illusion.: Men cheat because of lack of sexual satisfaction.

This is the cold, hard truth and something you have to swallow pun intended and accept as an unchangeable part of his biological and sexual needs.

Here are 21 tips grown...

Men compare you to their past relationships and judge you based on their prior experiences. You can be the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world, but if his ex was better in bed even if she looked like Susan Boyleyou're in a serious problem — no matter how nice your personality is. I don't care if you're offended or think I'm a sexist pig read the disclaimer aboveevery guy on Earth thinks the same — they just don't say it.

If How to give a good bloejob want reality, read on, and if you want to keep living in a fairy tale — go back to Cosmo.

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