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Althusser and the Renewal of Marxist Social Theory. Portions of this book have appeared previously in Poetics Today and in Current Perspectives in Social Theory and are reprinted here with permission.

de tous les propriétaires d'esclaves...

Needless to say, none of these individuals is responsible for the errors which remain. I am deeply saddened that my dissertation director Gene Lunn did not live to see the appearance of this book.

Carey, Dorian, and Paula greatly enriched my life during the ordeals that accompanied the production of this book, which is dedicated to my parents, Robert and Dorothy Resch.

In designating these remarks as both an introduction and a conclusion, I am not attempting to subvert the modalities of time and space or to call into question the boundaries between and within texts.

My intentions are less exalted and more substantive. Read as an introductory essay, these remarks are intended to provoke those readers, the vast majority of whom, I suspect, will find a book defending Marxist analysis quaint if not downright foolish.

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