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Am i mature for my age quiz


Are you the wise counselor in your friend group, or the immature one that your buddies have to constantly bail out? Do your friends come to you for advice with their serious problems, or are you the flaky life of the party? You might be 24 in years, but are you really closer to 42 in Am i mature for my age quiz actions This quiz will probe into your decision-making skills, likes and dislikes, and behavior and hold up a great big mirror to show you if you act your age or not.

If you enthusiastically relate to your inner child chances are that your creativity and optimism are totally infectious. On the flip side, if you're mature beyond your years, your friends will come to you for advice on the big important stuff, like managing their finances and figuring out bad relationships. If you act your age, you're right where you should be.

There is no wrong or right answer! Indulge us for 30 simple questions and we'll tell you if you're wise beyond your years, in touch with your inner child, or if you act your age! It's about that time to find out who's naughty and who's nice!

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