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Mature cystic teratoma


Ovarian teratoma is a type of germ cell tumour. Cancerous teratomas are rare, and usually affect girls and young women up to their early 20s. There are 2 main types of ovarian teratoma:. The mature teratoma is the most common type of ovarian germ cell tumour.

It is most often diagnosed in women Mature cystic teratoma their reproductive years from teens to forties. Mature teratoma is often called a dermoid cyst. It is removed with surgery and the condition is then cured. Immature teratomas are usually diagnosed in girls and young women up to their early 20s.

These cancers are rare. They are called immature because the cancer cells are at a very early stage of development.

A mature teratoma is a...

Most immature teratomas of the ovary are cured, even if they are diagnosed at an advanced stage. The grade and stage of your cancer is very important because they help your specialist to decide what treatment you need.

The grade describes Mature cystic teratoma the cells look under a microscope.

The less developed the cells look, the higher the grade. Higher grade cancers grow more quickly than low grade.

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