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Sexuality gender and society yorku


The material we had to read was "Sexuality gender and society yorku" but not impossible to understand. His lectures are rambling, difficult to understand, and even more difficult to take Sexuality gender and society yorku from; I gave up trying to take notes after the first month. The professor was nicer to me than I expected when I discussed my essay with him, but he seemed to have unrealistic expectations of first-year university students and generally seemed to be a pretty volatile individual.

I was discussing my experience with a friend of mine who stayed in the course, and she had a few things to add. Her main point is that the tutorials actually got worse after I left. The TA continued not explaining anything and being utterly unhelpful.

Instead of being responsible and asking a fellow TA or the professor what she missed, this TA asked her students what she missed in lecture during her tutorials. There are easier and more enjoyable social science courses to take. Jay Goulding, was a challenging course.

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It was pure philosophy. I took the course during the Winter term. There are three exams and you have to write two essays for each exam. Overall, Sexuality gender and society yorku good prof, explains the concepts well. He lectures really well and knows all the concepts inside and out. If you have a laptop, record the lectures as you type.

It helps tremendously when it comes close to exams. My TA was the prof himself and he was a overall a good TA. I did end up with a good mark but it was a horribly dry class. Also, we had a midterm and final, and this course actually got over march 28 which was pretty cool. For both the midterms and final, we had to explain the terms given to easy plus we had essay questions.

There were a variety to pick form and you only had to do one essay question and like pick 6 out of the 10 words Sexuality gender and society yorku. Also the prof gave us the exact question sheet a week before the midterm and final.

There is a midterm and final. The prof is Terry Conlin and the ta I had was Janet she was a good teacher compared to the rest.

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