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Tsa pre sfo


Not sure if I should post here or Air Travel forum, so, for the sake of time, I will post in both. I have an early morning, international flight on Thursday. Has anyone who has flown out Tsa pre sfo, on an early flight, and can tell me how long the wait was to get through security?

My flight is at 7: A friend just went this morning, SFO flight to Vancouver. I flew out of SFO last month mid-morning. Have been through SFO a few times over the past couple of months.

All morning - the latest was last week. The TSA pre line Tsa pre sfo a few minutes the other line was not bad.

It's not so much who is there, it's the fact that it's properly staffed.

I flew last week but have TSA Pre. San Francisco was no problem obviously more people in the regular line but when I landed in Austin - I could see a huge line of people there. Sorry can you please clarify what that means?

TSA staff has not grown with passenger traffic and there is high turnover. While it does not mean that contractors are percent better, and Tsa pre sfo there won't be issues, it does mean that private companies are able to hopefully maintain and handle higher traffic with no congress or government meddling.

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There is always a budget issue and private companies are for profit so we could have issues here as well if not properly managed. So it all depends on time of day. Morning should not be an issue as there are "Tsa pre sfo" connecting flights at that time.

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I've never had really long waits to go through security at sfo. Still, I'm paranoid that there might be a time where it's a longer wait or I'd be pulled aside for some unknown reason. Also, the general recommendation is to allow even more time for an international flight compared to domestic. I'd guess Tsa pre sfo 90 minutes ahead at the airport is sufficient for most cases, even international, however if you wanted more peace of mind for all contingencies then longer ahead is better for sorting out any problems that could possibly arise but aren't likely to happen often.

If it were Tsa pre sfo, I'd probably aim for arriving at 5: Even though the TSA pre-check lines are growing due to the popularity of the program, they still have a higher throughput than the regular lines because pretty much everybody in the pre-check line Tsa pre sfo how to go through security efficiently and they don't make you take off your shoes and other stuff that slows things down. Some random People still get those Pre stamps on their ticket and they are totally surprised as Tsa pre sfo what they need to do and I think those are the one who cause the delays but if someone has gone through the approval process, I am with you, they would know the drill.

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