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Facebook dating scams 2019 olympics


Updated May 15, Social media is emerging as the new hunting ground for scammers to find victims, according to new data out today. The consumer watchdog's annual scam report also identifies a whopping 47 per cent increase in all reports it receives about scams. It identifies a "sharp increase" in scams taking place through social media sites such as Facebook.

Ms Rickard said the two most common social media scams reported were dating, romance and fake trader scams.

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About 30 per cent of dating and romance scam victims — 1, people — reported they were contacted via social media sites, in particular Facebook. Fake trader scams are increasing, where victims see advertisements for online stores on social media selling discounted products made by well-known brands.

A woman in her 50s, known by the pseudonym Jillian, was contacted by a scammer via Facebook Messenger last year. She ultimately avoided being scammed after a friend who worked in IT raised alarm bells when she told him about the messages. She ultimately deleted the messages and reported the name of the scammer to the ACCC-run site Scamwatch.

Tips to avoid online scams

Ms Rickard said the majority of reports to Scamwatch about scams via social media were taking place on Facebook. Almost 25, people complained about phishing emails last year — the most of any category — but only people reported losing money. Last year also saw an increase in requests for payment via iTunes or gift cards and the rise of threat-based scams where perpetrators impersonate government agencies to scare victims into parting with their money.

People can report scams and get information at www. First posted May 15, If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

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They are largely ignored in transport planning. By consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge. About 30 per cent of dating and romance scam victims said they were contacted via social media.

Man scammed in online dating details months of seduction to warn others. These are the emotional traps to watch out for in scams.

Dating scam victims not reporting incidents, ACCC says. Do you know more about this story? Unreported dating scams rife Australians are delivering millions into the hands of scammers in the hope of romance and love with many incidents unreported.

The ACCC document reveals each state's percentage of the total number of scams reported in Tips to avoid online scams Always consider the possibility that an approach may be a scam Be cautious when sharing pictures or videos with prospective partners Do a reverse image search to check if photos have Facebook dating scams 2019 olympics stolen or used elsewhere Be alert to things such as spelling and grammar mistakes or Facebook dating scams 2019 olympics in stories Be wary of requests for money Never send money, credit card or online account details to anyone you don't know If you agree to meet a prospective partner tell family and friends where you are going Be careful about how much personal information you share on social networking sites Source: Diary of an online dating scam A Mt Gambier man shares his three months of dialogue with dating scammers who assumed the alias of a Russian woman.

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