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Can ultrasound hookup scan be wrong


Has anyone had a wrong gender ultrasound?

Can an ultrasound be wrong?...

I have heard that boys can be mistaken for girls. And I have a confused and sad husband right now. I Can ultrasound hookup scan be wrong, of course he's happy, but he's also sort of disappointed. We have a 3 year old daughter who is our sweet but crazy little girl. I went to my one and only ultrasound at 23 weeks just a couple days ago.

The tech barely spoke, which I know they can't say much, but she said everything looked normal. I had her put the results in an envelope so we could open it together once he got home from work.

His face, literally, like went ghost. He was so sad! He told me he thought the scan was wrong, and that the 3 lines could be the scrotum. Anyway, my daughter and I are pretty excited!

Especially her, she called it.

Can a dating scan be...

Said it was gonna be her baby sister the whole time. My midwife is also surprised Can ultrasound hookup scan be wrong a girl. Yes, ultrasounds can be wrong sometimes but at 23 weeks I would think is pretty clear with all the equipment and ultrasound machines hospitals have nowadays. It be different if you were 12 or 13 weeks where you could be wrong a lot of times. I am sorry about your hubby: I had a girl result 2 weeks ago and another scan today.

I asked him to double check to see if she had grown a penis lol and he verified once again I'm having a girl. My 4th girl, 5th for my husband lol. A lot of the ones I have read about being wrong were elective scans done before 18 weeks.

Anytime before 18 is a little harder to tell and many times they guess by experience. I'm pregrant with our 4th girl too!

I thou it was just me. Oldest Newest 19 Posts. Gender reveal parties are growing in popularity, but some experts think they shouldn't be.

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