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Non accused of sexual harassment


When deciding whether or not to report a sexual assault to the police, it is important to know what will be involved in the process so you can make the decision that is best for you. Remember, the role of the police is to be impartial investigators.

They must critically evaluate whether the evidence supports prosecuting the case regardless of their personal feelings. They must also rely on the Crown Prosecutor to concur that there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction before proceeding with laying charges.

Part of being an impartial investigator is that the police officer may refer to you as the victimas this is the term used to refer to anyone who has had a crime committed against them. But in any case, the sooner you call the police, the easier it is for them to collect the evidence needed to prove the charge.

For the preservation of evidence it is best if you do not disturb the area of the occurrence, change your clothes or wash before reporting to Non accused of sexual harassment police.

However you can report the occurrence at any time. If you report Non accused of sexual harassment sexual assault within 7 days hrs. SART is a team of female registered nurses who have been trained specifically in the care of people who have been sexually assaulted.

If you choose to consent to a sexual assault kit, the SART nurse will exam you to document injuries and collect forensic evidence for the police investigation and court process if charges are laid. It should be noted that police are able to collect forensic touch evidence if the offence is reported within 3 days of the occurrence. If you have been touched skin to skin OR oral to skin contact, there may be a chance to collect evidence.

This is done at a police station by a specially trained police officer.

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