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Sexual anorexia definition


If you have little desire for sexual contact, you may have sexual anorexia. People with sexual anorexia avoid, fear, or dread sexual intimacy. Sometimes, the condition is also called inhibited sexual desire, sexual avoidance, or sexual aversion. It can involve physical problems, such as impotence in men.

Sexual anorexia definition

Sexual anorexia is the compulsive...

It often has no physical cause. Both men and women can experience sexual anorexia. The main symptom of sexual anorexia is a lack of sexual desire or interest. You may also feel afraid or angry when the subject of sex comes up.

At the Global Addiction ConferenceDr. Sanja Rozman explained that someone with this Sexual anorexia definition could become obsessed with avoiding sex. The obsession may even start to dominate your life. Sexual anorexia can be difficult to diagnose. If you suspect you have it, talk to your doctor or "Sexual anorexia definition."

A counselor, psychiatrist, or sex therapist can help diagnose your symptoms. Your health team might order tests to check for underlying health conditions.

For example, blood tests can show hormone imbalances. These imbalances may interfere with your libido.

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