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Who is seth from the oc hookup


Producers hated Adam Brody's first audition - apparently he didn't bother to learn his lines. It's only in the 14th episode that Bilson and Clarke are actually in the opening credits NOT as guests. The actress who played Kirsten, Kelly Rowan, is actually only 14 years older than Adam Brody in real life. You know when Taylor realises she likes Ryan, and he tells her they should just be friends?

She says to him, "Ryan Atwood, mon ami, sounds terrif"? It was supposed to be kept a secret, but Mischa Who is seth from the oc hookup revealed Marissa would die in the final episode… One hour before it aired. In the episode Family TiesSeth refers to himself as vomiting "like that girl from the Sixth Sense" - that girl was played by Mischa Barton!

The actors had to film any scenes in the pool standing on their knees.

Seth Ezekiel Cohen is a...

For a bit, Josh Schwartz was planning to write a spin-off show focussed entirely on Anna. Schwartz also kept Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats as a souvenir after the show ended.

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