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In addition, I run the photo blogs: Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung there is also: Rod Serling - was a sci-fi genius, who is best known for his tv show, The Twilight Zonewhich he produced, as well as wrote much of the story lines for. His first three radio scripts aired intwo on the Grand Central Station romance program, and the other on the drama series Dr.

Believing radio show broadcasting was a dying art, he moved on to television, working for WKRC in Cincinnati, writing comedy. He soon gained fame after one script titled "Patterns" for the tv show Kraft Television Theatre earned him high praise as a writer by critics in Though he created another great show, Night Gallery -he never forgot about radio, and originated a drama series called The Zero Hour inbut his wildest radio show was his very last. A few weeks before his death, Rod Serling played what was, basically, a prank on listeners.

Titled Fantasy Parkthe stunt was aired on close to stations throughout the Labor Day weekend of The hour program was a fake concert, where dozens of rock bands of the time "played", as well as having a Beatles "reunion", using crowd noise, Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung effects, and mixing in prerecorded live gigs.

Even though disclaimers were run every hour such as "Hello, this is Rod Serling, and welcome back to Fantasy Park. The crowds here today are unreal," and "This is Fantasy Parkthe greatest live concert never held.

Well, as the famous intro to The Twilight Zone goes, "You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight, and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. While I definitely don't promote it, I don't hide the fact I'm a casual smoker.

I write "casual" because I only pick up the habit a few months out of the year.

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In all honesty, I return to smoking because of cravings, and then quit due to health concerns, but if there was a safer cigarette, I'd smoke all the time. The weird thing about wishing there was a healthier alternative is that there's been several for over 50 years, but the cigarette companies suppressed them.

Awarded the patent inthis new brand held tobacco that was heated, instead of burned, creating a cig that conatined less harmful agents than regular smokes. Therefore, the project was shelved. Even before Ariel, there was the lesser known Project X. Also known as the "palladium cigarette", this product used palladium, as well as magnesium nitrate, to destroy cancer-causing agents in smoke.

According to Civil Action No. These very threats are why R. They saw promoting one brand as "safe" would go against the tobacco industry's position that your standard cigarettes weren't unsafe. Claiming the Premier brand was released too soon, RJR removed it from the market the following year.

So, p ut all that in your pipe, and smoke it. Hell, it's probably less harmful.

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Imagine a school where the alumni are some of the scariest political figures you can dream up. There's no need to, because it actually already exists, and - of course - it was a product of the United States. Founded inthe U.

The school was established to train Latin American armed forces in the military practices of the U. Though it has trained more than 60, soldiers from 21 countries in the 54 years it had existed, a small number of those graduates went on to become some of the Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung despotic dictators, deadliest soldiers, and dangerous drug dealers, in the Western hemisphere.

Naval officer Emilio Eduardo Massera, a leading participant in the Argentine coup ofand masterminded behind The Dirty War, which resulted in over 10, deaths and disappearances. While this is a brief listing, the nonprofit organization called School of the Americas Watch has released another 25 names of serious human rights offenders. Indue to heavy scrutiny, the US Congress withdrew the Secretary of the Army's authority to operate the school.

The "new" school has since trained 20, students from 36 countries. Though it now claims to have established considerable transparency, U. Army Major Joseph Blair, a former director of instruction at the school, was quoted as saying in"There are no substantive changes besides the name.

They teach the identical courses that I taught; changed the course names, but use the same manuals. Now there's something for conspiracists to think about. When I lived in New York City, one of my favorite things to do was take long walks to snap photos for my many photography projects, one of which was visiting odd spots for my This Hidden City blog.

Though I covered Roosevelt Island in one post see that hereI didn't write about nearby Belmont Island, also known as U Thant Island, which can best be seen from Roosevelt's south shore.

Belmont Island is an artificial isle, which developed out of Man-O-War Reef in the early s due to construction. At only x ft 30 x 60 mit is the smallest island in the Manhattan borough.

InWilliam Steinway funded the planning of two tunnels for trolleys under the East River now called the Steinway Tunnels, which carry the number 7 subway train line. When construction reached the middle Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung the river arounda shaft was excavated, leading to a small outcropping of granite called Man-O-War Reef.

Thinking it was easier to shovel a tunnel to help remove excess landfill, rather than carry it back to the Manhattan shore, much of the rocks were dumped around the reef, fabricating the small island.

Though the islet has been managed by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, which named it Belmont Island, it had stayed a barren pile of rocks until That year, a group calling themselves Peace Meditation, who were United Nations employees, and followers of guru Sri Chinmoy then the interfaith chaplain at U. Headquartersgot tired of looking out the building's windows at the tiny bare enclave, and decided to do something. They leased the isle from the city, and covered it in greenery, as well as constructing a metal arch, and renamed the island after then-U.

Secretary General, U Thant. Today, some of the flora still remains, but the arch has toppled, and the only other thing on the island is a 60ft 18m metal Coast Guard beacon tower. The island is also currently off-limits to people, as it is a sanctuary for migrating double-crested cormorants. Still, that hasn't stopped quite a few Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung, such as artist and filmmaker Duke Riley, who rowed a small boat over to the islet under the cover of darkness in Riley proclaimed the pile of rocks a sovereign nation, hoisting a pennant flag depicting two electric eels atop the beacon, all the while videotaping it for a work titled Belmont Island SMEACC.

If you're looking to visit, I propose bringing a pair of binoculars, because that's as close as you'll probably get. This October, I release the 2nd edition of my poetry chapbook, Throne Out: An Attempt to Depose Prosewhich collects some of my favorite " throwaways ". What better way to celebrate that on this blog, than to post about William "Topaz" McGonagall, who is often described as "the world's worst poet"?

Born of Irish parents, little is known about William's early childhood, mostly because he would often go back and forth on the particulars. Stating at one point to be born inhe "Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung" said it was Scholars place his birth as possibly being in Ireland, though he claimed to have been born in Scotland, probably due to wanting to receive relief under the Poor Law of What is known is that he, following in his father's footsteps, began working as a handloom weaver.

Inhe married, and produced Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung children five sons, and two daughters. At one time, he attempted to become an actor, but would often fly off script, with the most infamous instance being when he played general Macbeth in the Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung play, and he refused to die in Act V, thinking other actors were upstaging him.

Sometime inMcGonagall wrote that a great feeling had washed Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung him, leaving him with the desire to write poetry. He wrote a number of poems, and - seeking funds to continue - penned a letter to Queen Victoria for her patronage.

After receiving a reply of refusal, he walked 60 miles over mountains, and in thunderstorms, to her castle, announcing his arrival as "The Queen's Poet".

The guards told him to piss off, but the act gained him some recognition in the local papers. For pennies, he often recited poems against the evils of Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung in pubs, which usually ended with him being pelted with food.

Much of the time, he would be found selling his poems in the street, but he was mainly supported by donations from friends, and - possibly to get William out of town for a bit - they paid for him to travel to New York City so as to peddle his poetry, but returned unsuccessful.

Garnering a bit of notoriety for his bad poetry, he was hired by circuses to read his work, with the full knowledge that the crowd was permitted to throw eggs at him. His friends, again, got together inand paid for the publishing of his first book, Poetic Gems.

The following year, his hometown of Dundee forced him out, and he packed up his family, moving to Perth. He died, without a dime to his name, inand was buried in an unmarked grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland, leaving behind over poems.

Though forgotten for many years, he was rediscovered, and his legacy lived on in popular media. A whole lot of people, myself included, find it odd that a corporation can be deemed a person.

It's usually done so that a company can get a handful of the lawful rights a physical human has. It's mostly used so they could sue someone, or donate large sums of money to political parties, hence it's often seen Helmut kentler eltern lernen sexualerziehung a nefarious legal maneuver.