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In the Washington PostHenry A. Eagleburger and Colin L. Republican presidents have long led the crucial fight to protect the United States against nuclear dangers. It is why President George W. Bush negotiated the Moscow Treaty. All four recognized that reducing the number of nuclear arms in an open, verifiable manner would reduce the risk of nuclear catastrophe and increase the stability of America's relationship with the Soviet Union and, later, the Russian Federation.

The world is safer today because of the decades-long effort to reduce its supply of nuclear weapons. It reduces the number of nuclear weapons that each side deploys while enabling the United States to maintain a strong nuclear deterrent and preserving the flexibility to deploy those forces as we see fit.

Along with our obligation to protect the homeland, the United Bristol palin hookup a black man memes gif has responsibilities to allies around the world.

The commander of our nuclear forces has testified that the 1, warheads allowed under this treaty are sufficient for all our missions - and seven former nuclear commanders agree.

Well, it's certainly no endorsement from the Bushes, but maybe the secretaries of state for the past five Republican presidents will be enough for Senator Susan Collins to consider supporting it. What we are witnessing here is the political power that comes from the Republican Party's single-minded focus on high-end tax cuts and the strategic incoherence of a Democratic Party that is confused and divided - and not getting much help from its president. Obama seems to have decided that showing how conciliatory he can be is more Bristol palin hookup a black man memes gif than making clear where he stands.

The administration's strategy is rooted in a fear of what Republicans are willing to do, which only strengthens the GOP's bargaining position.

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He's right to fight for a restoration of unemployment compensation for about 2 million Americans whose benefits have expired, and for other stimulative measures.

And, yes, the Senate should ratify the New START treaty with Russia before the end of the year - though what does it say about us as a country when the president has to offer a tax-cut payoff to get a key foreign policy initiative through? Obama dispatched two top White House officials to negotiate with Republicans on the Bush-era tax cuts.

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The problem is, common ground has already been found — and abandoned. That is more than enough. Congressional Democrats were too timid to bring the issue up for a vote before the election and took a beating anyway. Now they are faced with extending the tax cuts in the lame-duck session and are bound to extend some or all of "Bristol palin hookup a black man memes gif" cuts for the rich.

The only real question is in exchange for what, if anything? Rob Bishop R-Utah introduced a constitutional amendment that would allow a group of states to nullify federal laws with which they disagree.

Of course, states have fired similar arrows before, and it led to a Civil War and Jim Crow - but Bishop wasn't going to get into that.

Would it be easier if they just got some red pens and walked over to the National Archives to do the job? Look, I don't mean no wild disrespect, Bristol palin hookup a black man memes gif why shouldn't we call you out on this rigged game you call life?

Nothing is really improving down here. Nothing has really changed after all these millennia of worship and fawning and perfectly good virgins hurled into the volcano except, dammit, fewer perfectly good virgins. How long are we supposed to keep up this charade? How long can you go on without taking a little responsibility for the teeming pile o' havoc thou hast wrought? Because here's what we're realizing: It's pretty much all your fault, God.

Here we are, been praising you for what, thousands of years? Dressing in ridiculous outfits, observing silly rituals, offering alms and farm animals and money, falling to our collective knees before whatever wanton form we've assigned to you throughout the ages: Meanwhile, Gail Collins says the Senate's bipartisan passage of the food safety bill could signal the end times are near.

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Brown felt the Senate should have been focusing on economic issues, particularly his effort to stop the extension of unemployment compensation benefits until the Senate agrees to the Scott Brown Unemployment Compensation Funding Plan.

We will now have a moment of silence to contemplate the suffering of Senator Brown. Who had to come back the week after Thanksgiving in order to vote on a major bipartisan bill aimed at keeping people from being poisoned by contaminated food. And then became a victim of discrimination. Gates commissioned a study on how a repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy would be implemented.


Our chief concern was that putting the issue to a vote, as the study seemed to do, would obscure the fact that simple justice required repeal. We also worried that the study's outcome might provide a pretext for congressional opposition to allowing gay and lesbian service members to serve openly.

This week the Pentagon released its report, complete with the results of more thansurveys turned in by service members and their families. Though we continue to believe that "don't ask, don't tell" should have been abolished before any surveys were taken, the results are heartening. More important, they may persuade some senators to end their equivocation and join the House in supporting repeal.

Doyle McManus explains why Wikileaks doesn't tell the whole story on Iran:.

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The Obama administration deserves credit for getting as far as it has. Critics dismissed Obama's offer of engagement with Iran as naive and his reliance on economic sanctions as ineffective. But the sanctions have had bite, and it was engagement that made the sanctions possible.

The problem of Iran hasn't yet been solved, but the administration has made progress, the kind of progress that a collection of leaked cables can't always convey. The Washington Post has hired a new conservative blogger. But, believe it or not, Jennifer Rubin actually has some kind of sound advice for conservatives:. Conservative activists, TV cablers and the like use rhetorical flourishes and insults to garner attention, but candidates and office holders need to subscribe to a higher standard.

You can be for border enforcement without dubbing opponents "pro-illegal alien. Conservatives complain that this White House has been among the most rhetorically partisan in memory.

Yes, the White House has gone after critics from Rush Limbaugh to Fox News to the Chamber of Commerce, sometimes with zero factual evidence for the attacks, as was the case in the "foreign money" Bristol palin hookup a black man memes gif against the Chamber. But the "White House did it first! Karl Rove says Nancy Pelosi has an "unquenchable passion for class warfare" like it's a bad thing.

This is all kinds of wrong:. Let's put aside for a moment the obvious fact that this is just a really bad ad. The writing is awful, the "acting" is worse, and the whole thing is just so cringe-inducingly awkward that any kid who can actually watch the whole thing should get a lifetime supply of condoms.

And it isn't that the ad is so full of mixed messages, start to finish, that it's hard to believe anyone thinks this will convince a single American teen to abstain until marriage.

Or at least use a condom. Or at least pause for a second before going ahead with it after all, without a condom, of course, because if you think you're planning to abstain from sex until marriage, there's no reason for you to have protection in your possession, you know, just in case.

Be a sexy tease? Except that, statistically speaking, she probably will.

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Candies wants to help fight teen pregnancy, but not in any way that might actually, you know, work. Its whole strategy is to tell teens to wait. With Candies and its ambassador Bristol simultaneously trying to sell sex and abstinence, is it any wonder 88 percent of teens who, just like Bristol, promise not to have sex before marriage actually break that promise?

And Bristol even knows sort of that she's sending a mixed message by dancing provocatively in skimpy clothes while at the same time promoting abstinence:. Sure, she'd intended to dress modestly on the show, but just like her promise to save herself for marriage, that went out the window.

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