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Girls having sex with weird things


How much sex, you ask? Do you really want to know? OK, since you asked, the elderly are currently experiencing the biggest spike in sexually transmitted infections among all age groups. All right, then—three-quarters of year-old men are still able to impregnate a woman. Then you need to know that nearly a third of women over 80 still have sex with their partners.

And one-third of men and Girls having sex with weird things of women over 50 have performed oral sex over the past year. The rhythmic pulsating motion of the vaginal walls during female orgasm is designed to push sperm up toward the uterus and into the cervix. And you thought the real purpose of the female orgasm was pleasure. How wrong you were! Visualizing different types of bacteria squirming all over your junk could threaten to kill the mood.

A meta-study of one billion online searches for porn concluded that transgender porn is the fourth-most popular form of porn on Earth. And straight men are the primary consumers of it. There may actually be less transphobia out there than you think there is. Since pubic hair acts as a sort of sexual hockey goalie, it is assumed that shaved pubes will also make it more likely for you to receive a sexually transmitted infection.

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In fact, they are literally only a quarter of what they used to be only a century ago. The pioneering sex researcher and author of The Kinsey Report also had a collection of over 5, wasps. Why he was sticking toothbrushes up his urethra and collecting thousands of wasps is probably a problem for him and his therapist. Can you fucking believe they make you drive to Georgia and Arkansas for sex toys?

A study showed that women who viewed footage of chimpanzee sex became sexually aroused and experienced vaginal lubrication. Multiple studies have confirmed that it takes severely overweight men nearly three times as long to ejaculate as it does those jerky male gym rats who are always asking you to feel their six-packs. More like six seconds! The pressure of the bicycle seat on the male groin can permanently damage sexual function and render the avid cyclist a poor and pathetic shell of his former sexual self.

Is it really worth it? Drive a car instead and save your boners, guys! Just knowing this fact will make me unable to have an erection for three days.

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