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How to stop regretting hookup someone


I just want to forget the whole thing.

If you hook up with...

How do I get out of this? So here are some reasons why you - and other readers - might be regretting holiday sex.

And what you can do to help yourself move on. Drink and drugs can be an enjoyable part of partying, but can lead us to make poor choices about who we sleep with, what we do sexually, or remembering to use contraception more on this below.

If you wouldn't slut-shame someone...

Should I get back with him? Women with wide hips 'more likely to have one night stand'. You can get help and support for drugs or alcohol if either are causing you problems. January and February are busy times for GU genito urinary clinics. If you are concerned about sexually transmitted infections including HIV you can find your nearest clinic for confidential testing here.

But if you, or anyone else reading, is How to stop regretting hookup someone sex because it was actually violent or forced on you, you can get confidential advice and support from a number of places listed in this NHS guide.

Which maybe you now regret because you were getting over them. Or thought you had got them out of your life. Maybe you and they were drunk, or nervous.

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